Spring Mini-Games Festival


Available now on the Minecraft Marketplace

The Spring edition of our best selling mini-game series is finally here as we introduce you to the wonderful Rainbow Resort!

Jump into the future; a world full of colour, nature and spectacular new games to share with your friends, including a revamped edition of Sprint, as seen in the first ever episode of the Noxcrew Gameshow!



  • Play alone or with friends

  • Lots of custom mini-games to play:

    • Enderpearl Golf

    • Sprint

    • Flower Hop

    • Rubber Duck Racing

    • Plant Melee

    • 3 Flight Courses

  • Custom sounds, mobs and models

  • Earn emeralds and trade them in for new, fun items!

  • Explore the park to find hidden secrets!

Also available on the marketplace, you can now dress the part with the Spring Mini-Games Festival skin pack! Embrace the spirit of Spring with the Old King Oak skin, run around with a chicken or flaunt your inner hippy with one of the beautiful flower themed skins.

If you're a Java Edition owner, you can get the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft for free! Click here and we'll show you how.