Autumn Mini-Games Festival


Available now on the Minecraft Marketplace

The leaves are turning a fiery shade of orange and they're going crunchy underfoot. The squirrels are out collecting nuts for their stores. Grab your hats and scarves folks, our mini-game festival is back! Find brand new games to play in this seasonal map alone or with your friends.


  • Play alone or with friends

  • 6 custom mini-games to play:

    • Mini Golf

    • Boat race

    • Rock climbing

    • Go-kart racing

    • High rope course

    • King of the ladder

  • Earn emeralds and trade them in for fun items!

  • Explore the park to find hidden secrets!

And if that wasn't enough, out Autumn Mini-Games Festival skin pack is out now too! Mascots, participants, and characters of Autumn Festival folklore. Play Minecraft with a seasonal style, with big names such as "Bark the Great", and "Significant Bruce"!