What to do if I find a bug in Marketplace content


Bugs in Marketplace content usually occurs due to changes in updates which alters the way certain behaviours and machines act, something that cannot always be anticipated by creators.

If you find an issue with a piece of Marketplace content:


1. Contact the creator

The Marketplace creators are all independent companies, which means that they each have different ways of getting in touch! Most of the teams have their own dedicated websites or social media accounts. It’s important to contact the creator first, as they’re often the first to know if something is amiss with their content and may already have found a solution to the issue.


2. Contact Minecraft support

In the event that they creators themselves can’t help you fix the problem, the best thing to do is to contact Minecraft support for further assistance. This might happen if the bug is unusual and the normal troubleshooting methods aren’t working, or the problem is not with the content itself.


Remember: Give them as much information as you can!

When contacting the anyone about a Minecraft bug, remember to offer as much information about the issue as you can; this includes telling them what device you’re using, which map you’re having a problem with, the Minecraft version number (found at the bottom of Minecraft’s main menu) and precise information about what has gone wrong. This will help the team diagnose the problem and they’ll be able to help you much more easily!


Found a bug in a Noxcrew map?

Click the button below and fill in the form to contact us. We always respond as quickly as we can and can help you through a variety of solutions such as reinstalling the content in question, or updating your Minecraft app to the latest version. We may also ask you to send a copy of your world file to them so they can get a better look at what has happened and test solutions, particularly if they we’re unable to replicate the bug.