My map isn’t downloading - HELP!


While Microsoft. Mojang and the Marketplace Partners do all they can to prevent it, it is a common issue for maps to occasionally fail to start or stop downloading after purchase.

While it is a common issue, there are solutions you can try before seeking advice from Minecraft or Microsoft.


> Solutions 1 & 2 (click to reveal)

Option 1

  1. On the main menu, click settings.
  2. Go down to storage, where you will see "Cached Data", "Worlds", and "World Templates".
  3. If there is anything relating to the map in question, delete them using the option in that menu.
  4. Once deleted, re-download the content.


Option 2

  1. Restart Minecraft
  2. Check to see that you have enough storage on your device - the download might be pausing/failing because you don't have enough space!
  3. If you have enough space for the download, reboot your device and retry.

Option 3 is not recommended as a first try, as this will completely wipe all created worlds and any progress made in them. Players will still have access to any purchased content as it is linked to their Xbox Live account.


> Option 3 - if all else has failed (click to reveal)

  1. Completely uninstall and reinstall Minecraft on to your device
  2. Log back into your Xbox Live account and retry downloading the map.

If these solutions do not resolve the issue, we advise contacting Minecraft support directly. They will be able to help you fix any problem.