Summer Mini-Games Festival


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Grab your swimming trunks and head to the beach; the summer mini games festival is open for business! Take a day trip with your friends and test your skills at Mini-Golf, Blocksketball, and the shooting range in our map filled to the brim with mini-game fun. Play Splashdown in a luxury boat, Spleef in a volcano, and monkey around in the Aqua Jungle to show off your Minecraft parkour skills.

And once you've had your fill of mini-games for the day? The festival is being held in a wonderful location, perfect for you to explore and build your idyllic survival home. Roam around the summer festival and trade in your emeralds for rare items to enhance your survival experience!


  • A survival / mini-game hybrid map

  • Play alone or with friends

  • 6 custom mini-games to play:

    • Mini Golf

    • Blocksketball

    • Aqua Jungle

    • Splashdown

    • Shooting Range

    • Volcano Spleef

  • Earn emeralds and trade them in for rare items

  • Explore the park to find hidden secrets!

And now, introducing our Summer Festival Skin Pack! Dress the part when you head to the beach with your friends.