How to install a Minecraft Map


Installing a Minecraft world that you’ve purchased through the Minecraft Marketplace is super straightforward. As long as you’re logged into your Xbox Live account when purchasing from the store, everything you buy will be linked to your account and can be found in one all in one place.

Ready to play one of your Minecraft maps? Install it using these three easy steps:

1. Find your purchased maps

Open the Marketplace by clicking the store button on the main menu, and open your inventory by clicking your gamertag at the top of the screen. This will show all of the maps you have purchased.

2. Select the world you want to create

Select the map you want to play and download it by clicking the download button.

3. Create your world

Once the download has finished, click the create this world button to open the world template.

Click create once more, and your world will generate, ready for you to play!


Rather than navigating through the Marketplace, you can click the play button on the main menu and then create new. Here you’ll see your available templates, which are the maps that you own and have downloaded to your device. Select the map you wish to play, or click get more templates, to head over to the Minecraft Marketplace to make a purchase!


As long as your Minecraft app is updated correctly with the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock, Marketplace maps should update alongside them, with no need to repurchase or re-download them. If your app is updated and issues are still occurring with a Marketplace map, contact the creator for further assistance.