Monsters of the Deep

Adventure • Story • Bosses


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You have been sent down into the depths of the ocean to GDL’s underwater headquarters to help with a pest problem… a giant pest problem. The hydro-generators have been interfered with and it’s your mission to get out there to fix the problem. But first, you’re going to need some training.


The base is kitted out with everything you need to learn how to survive in the deep sea. Don your aqua suit and get up to speed with your trident’s abilities in the aqua agility course before venturing out into the deep to take on sea monsters of truly epic proportions!


  • Take on your first adventure of the aquatic update

  • Test and improve your trident skills in the trident testing range

  • Explore the ocean and hunt down treasure and monstrous mob bosses

  • Complete the boss fights and earn collectables

  • An awesome fishing mini-game with a super catchy song (DOWNLOAD NOW)

  • Play alone or with friends

Monsters of the Deep is an adventure that goes hand in hand with Update: Aquatic and will be updated as even more new features are added to the game!

+ Patch Notes

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