MC Championship (MCC) is a streamable, competitive Minecraft event created for Java Edition.

Ten teams of four go head to head in a variety of mini-games that have been made to test your core Minecraft skills; think parkour, survival, combat, teamwork and more. At the end of the event, the top two teams with the most coins will go up against one another in one final game to decide the ultimate champion.

The event is a focus on fun and competitive party games. You’ll find classic Minecraft mini-games (including some with a quirky spin), and some new and unique games too.


The Hub

The hub is where teams can check their current event standings and personal scores between games, and it’s also home to the Walk of Fame (where winners get to go!).

A long set of stairs leads up to the official MC Championship stadium, containing the Decision Dome. A huge timer on the front of the building counts down to the event start.


The Decision Dome

The Decision Dome is a phase in the event where players are able to vote for the next game. With a coin multiplier in action (where later games will be worth more coins) the order of games may make a huge difference for your team.

Vote for games you know you’re the best at later, or that you know your opponents can’t win! There may also be some fun equipment to help you...


The Games

In each event, 8 total games are played, where teams try to amass as many coins as they can.

As more games are added to the roster, they’ll be filtered into the voting phase of the Decision Dome, making each recurring event feel different from the last. 


The Final Duel

The two top-scoring teams are brought into an intense game of Dodgebolt, while the other teams spectate and are able to support the team they think will win.

The winners of the final duel are crowned champions and are given the right to ascend to the Walk of Fame.

lockoutbingo (12).png

Lockout Bingo

Based on the classic Minecraft mini-game of Bingo. Each team is given a grid of Minecraft items to craft. They must race each other to craft those items before their opponents take the coins rewarded for them.

However, after each successful craft, an item will reward less coins. After three different teams successfully craft an item, the item will ‘lockout’ and reward no more coins for consecutive crafts.

How coins are awarded in Lockout Bingo:

  • 50 Coins for the 1st craft.
  • 35 Coins for the 2nd craft.
  • 25 Coins for the 3rd craft.
footrace (2).png

Foot Race

Foot race is a two lap race around a track full of shortcuts and pitfalls. Sprint as fast as you can, sabotage other players, and avoid obstacles.

The better placement you end with, the more coins you’ll earn.

How coins are awarded in Foot Race:

  • 500 Coins are awarded to the first player to finish the race.
  • The coin amount awarded decreases by 12.5 coins every time subsequent players finish.
  • No coins are rewarded if you don’t finish.
skyblockle (10).png


Skyblockle is a mix between Skyblock and Battle Royale! All teams begin on their own Skyblock island, surrounded by other islands containing useful resources. The goal of the game is to equip yourself, kill other players, and remain as the last team standing.

Over time, the borders of the map start converging, forcing all teams into the centre of the map, bringing together a large scale fight between under-prepared warriors.

How coins are awarded in Skyblockle:

  • 15 Coins are awarded every time a player dies and you’re still alive.
  • 100 Coins for every elimination of an opponent.
parkourwarrior (3).png

Parkour Warrior

Parkour Warrior is an ultimate test of parkour! There are a number of parkour courses that contain three challenging zones within them. Players try to reach as far as they can within the time limit. However, players only checkpoint after completing a zone, and when you fall, you respawn at your last checkpoint. This is a test of parkour, not of speed!

How coins are awarded in Parkour Warrior:

  • 20 Coins are awarded every time a player completes a challenge for the first time.
  • 20 Coins are awarded every time a player completes a zone for the first time.
  • 360 Bonus coins are awarded if a player manages to finish the entire course (good luck)!
holeinthewall (65).png

Hole in the Wall

The aim of the game is to remain the last team standing as large walls of slime converge on you from all directions! Jump and thread your way through the walls without being pushed off the platform.

Over time, the speed of the walls will increase, as well as the platform beneath you decreasing in size!

How coins are awarded in Hole in the Wall:

  • 5 Coins are awarded every time a player falls and you’re still on the platform.
  • 150 bonus coins are awarded if you survive an entire round.
survivalgames (62).png

Survival Games

It’s the classic! Last team standing wins! All players are let free to roam the map, trying to become more powerful through finding equipment hidden in buildings, all while the map borders converge into the centre, forcing plenty of fights for survival.

In this version, players have infinite levels, allowing them to enchant their equipment to further levels of power. Look out for occasional containing powerful and unique equipment!

How coins are awarded in Survival Games:

  • 15 Coins are awarded every time a player dies and you’re still alive.
  • 100 Coins for every elimination of an opponent.
  • 50 bonus coins are awarded if you survive the entire game.
rocketspleef (18).png

Rocket Spleef

A unique take on the classic Minecraft mini-game of Spleef! Last team standing will win the most coins. All players are armed with elytras, fireworks and… rocket launchers!

The rocket launchers will launch rockets that knockback players and destroy terrain. As the terrain starts disappearing, it becomes harder and harder for players to survive!

How coins are awarded in Rocket Spleef:

  • 5 Coins are awarded every time a player falls and you’re still alive.
  • 50 Coins for every elimination of an opponent (Last person to hit them before they fall).
  • 50 bonus coins are awarded if you survive the entire round.
tgttos (39).png

To Get to the Other Side!

The aim of this game is obvious… The game plays out in six rounds across six different maps. All players start on one end of the map and are given various tools to assist them in getting to the other side. Once they’ve made it across, they must punch a chicken to complete their goal!

Since sabotage is a part of this game, expect plenty of chaos!

How coins are awarded in To Get to the Other Side!:

  • 80 Coins are awarded to the first player across.
  • The coin amount awarded decreases by 2 coins every time subsequent players finish.
  • No coins are rewarded if you don’t make it to the other side.
dodgebolt (4).png


Dodgebolt is the final duel, and is not available on the Decision Dome. It’s an elimination game where the aim is to remain as the last team standing. Dodgebolt is played as a best of three, and the first team to reach two wins will become the MCC event winners!

Both teams start across from each other on opposite sides of an arena (They can’t cross over into each other’s sides). At the start of the round, 2 arrows are dropped into the centre, where players will race to pick them up. From here on out, the players must shoot the arrows back and forth to try to eliminate each other. If you get hit once, you’re out! It’s intense!

No coins are awarded in Dodgebolt. This one’s for the win!


+ How do I watch the event?

Keep an eye on the rosters announced on the MCC Twitter to see which of your favourite creators will be streaming the event, then watch from their page during the broadcast! Noxcrew will also host an admin stream from their perspective during the event, you’ll be able to watch it here during the event.

+ How often does the event run?

MCC has no predetermined schedule. It broadcasts when it wants to broadcast. Keep an eye on the Twitter for announcements of future events. You can expect MCC to broadcast seasonally!

+ How can I join the event?

The MCC is an invite-only event, attendees organised by DangThatsALongName and Cupquake, however, Noxcrew may sometimes run community events and tests for new games. If you’re interested in helping out on this way, you can join our Discord, where those events will be announced.

+ How long is the event?

MCC is a fully automated event that lasts approximately 2 - 2½hrs, with a 5 minute break halfway through.

+ Who made everything in the show?

All code, builds, assets and sounds have been made by the Noxcrew team in-house.

+ Who are the Noxcrew?

Noxcrew is a company born from a group of creators who have been making Minecraft content for years!

Back in 2012 we created a TV-like action game show called Noxcrew Gameshow, and we've taken it everywhere; from Minecon, to the Yogscats's JingleJam! We’re now working as an official Minecraft partner making content for the Bedrock Marketplace. You can find all of our creations over at

+ What Java version is it?

MCC is made for Java 1.14




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Special thanks to our level designers, the Noxcrew team, and Ambassadors for their time, input, and play-testing!