Tiny Footprints


Available now on the Minecraft Marketplace

Tiny Footprints is your world but cuter! We've made this texture pack exclusively for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players so that you can make your world feel bigger, even on the smallest of screens. Full of bright colours and bold designs, your world will be filled to the brim with adorable wide eyed mobs and bountiful harvests.

Tiny Footprints is an 8x8 texture pack which uses a quarter of the number of pixels that a normal Minecraft texture, giving every block a clean, bold look with a slightly cartoon-like feel.

If you want to transform your Minecraft adventures, add Tiny Footprints to any of your existing Minecraft worlds or start a brand new adventure right now!

We're also giving away the two matching skins for our Tiny Footprints texture pack, absolutely free! These will work on both Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft (currently excluding Xbox One and Switch - but we're working on it!);  just hit the button below to download them!

Steve Skin.png

If you're a Java Edition owner, you can get the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft for free! Click here and we'll show you how.