About Us

Noxcrew are a community of mapmakers from across the world who have been working together to create Minecraft experiences since 2011. We pride ourselves on the quality of our maps and the attention to detail that we give to every single project. It's these qualities that have given the opportunity to work with incredible companies such as Multiplay, Microsoft and most recently, Apple.

The Noxcrew originally began in August 2011 as a map making crew when our founder, Noxite, discovered Minecraft. Noxite's interest in film and games inspired him to create Minecraft’s first ever cut scene/questing system adventure map. As people heard about the idea, they started to join his mission to create it. Every member of our team has diverse talents with builders, writers, artists, voice actors, sound designers and musicians all finding a place in our family.

As Minecraft grows and develops, as do our ambitions and we've able to create projects such as 'The Noxcrew Gameshow' series and our most downloaded map to date, 'Terra Swoop Force'. In early 2017 we were given the incredible opportunity to partner with Microsoft to bring our content to the Minecraft Marketplace and we finally have the resources to create even more new and amazing content for our fans! To see all of our projects and where to find them, click here.

Here's the team that makes it all happen:


Stefan Panic

Our founder, sound designer, voice actor and overall glorious leader. He's the one with the vision. There's no Noxcrew without Noxite!


Clint Roesbeke

How to explain Mewulf? He is the pragmatic realist of the team, making sure we’re not thinking too big and keeping us in check. If it wasn’t for Mewulf, the Noxcrew wouldn’t be where it is today!


Joe Arsenault

Our master of redstone, Avondale is the wizard of command blocks and a mini-game enthusiast. If the Noxcrew dreams it, he can make it happen.


Louise Obuchowski

Skyao is a talented artist with a great eye for logos and illustrations. She has an endless imagination when it comes to custom mobs and monsters with her all-time favourite being the star of our map, Escape From BLOZARK!


Markus Mäkinen

Beloved Butcher of the Noxcrew Gameshow and Head Builder, Markus is the man who keeps our builders in check and our projects looking spectacular. 


Isaac Wilkins

A musical maestro and the mastermind behind the Noxcrew Gameshow, Landlord has been the driving force behind our mini-games and music since the pilot season.


Harry Harvey

Noctis is our amazing community leader, dedicating her time to taking care of our community of fans. You'll find her looking after the social media and organising game nights, streams and more!


Jacob Langridge

JakeL is a master in fantasy builds, making our worlds magical with meticulous precision and style.


Andrej Panic

A scholar of the written word, Shronky’s the one to make us sound like we know what we’re doing, writing the stories and dialogue for our maps and shows, even the ones you haven’t seen yet!


Marco Oreč

Another Jeoffrey’s Chamber alumni, Emouse is a terraforming genius and master of design, here to help make every map a marvel.


Lauren Juliet

LaurenJuliet first met some of the Noxcrew at an Insomnia event back in 2013. She now runs our Patreon, Instagram and helps out with odd jobs across the crew including social media and voice acting.


Chris Norman

Leader of The Noxcrew Factory team, Arsenic works full time as head server honcho and Noxcrew texture artist. Noxcrew's Tiny Footprints texture pack created by Arsenic can be found on the Minecraft Marketplace!


Arran Stubbs

Long time coder for The Noxcrew Factory Server, _Crafty helps us behind the scenes and keeps our servers up to spec.


Luke Hernandez

Luke is the most recent addition to the team and came on board just in time for the Christmas rush! Fun fact, Luke likes to design his builds in wool before using normal blocks.


Chris Lamb

Bambii is a hardworking, no nonsense builder with the drive to get things done. He's a part-time builder and usually helps out a little on most of our projects!


Harry Ward-Smith

Harry's eye for detail and sense of scope gives every project he turns his hand to, that very special edge. Another ambitious and creative builder to add to the team!