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Step into the spotlight with our brand new map, Movie Star! Direct and star in your very own films and immerse yourself in the fabulous world of movie making with the fourth map in our Creative Toolbox series. With dozens of scripts and warehouses full of scenes, the stage is set for you and your friends to put on the performance of a lifetime.

Our Creative Toolboxes are designed to bring out your creative side, and Movie Star does that like no other! The Nox Studios are a playground for aspiring builders to try out new building styles, and a fabulous place for up and coming actors to try out new roles. The studios are set up ready for their next big hits to start shooting. It's your time to shine!

We've taken four of the most iconic movie genres and recreated them in our film studios for you to perform - we've even included scripts for them too. Minecraft mobs have been transformed into props for each of the film sets and blocks have been re-textured to help you decorate your movies right down to the smallest details. With custom music for each movie, director's soundboards and pre-written scripts, this map takes your Minecraft experience in a whole different direction! Large studios remain untouched for the you to create your own scenes; simply select your blocks and start building.


  • Four movie genres: horror, sci-fi, superhero, and adventure

  • Custom textures to fit each of the movie themes

  • Dozens custom models to decorate your builds

  • Custom music and a built-in sound board that will help bring your scenes to life

  • Star in your very own move along with your friends


Explore the world

We’ve created an entire city for you to explore, complete with offices, high rise apartments, and suburban homes. You can jump in and immediately start exploring! Every building has been constructed by our builders to add a little more personality to the world, so take the time to look around and find your favourite spots. Whether you’re a fan of sightseeing, or you’re looking for the perfect place to start your own build, there’s something out there for you!


Customise your builds

To really help you make the world your own, we’ve given the normal Minecraft textures a makeover. You can use the exciting and vibrant new blocks to build up the world around you! Minecraft mobs have been transformed into items to help you decorate your world, right down to the smallest of details. There are dozens of new entities and textures for you to play with!

Roleplay with your friends

City Living comes with 25 skins so you can fully immerse yourself in your new world! Found the movie role of your dreams? We’ve got a skin to go with it!

You really can dress the part as one of the movie leads, or suit up as you take on your role as a director or techie as you bring the films to life.

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