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Welcome to the Creative Toolbox, a series that is designed to bring out your creative side! We've put together a map filled with other-worldly planets and added spaceships, aliens, and other custom models that will make you feel like you're in outer space! SPACE is a playground for sci-fi lovers and aspiring builders to try out new building styles and a great place to roleplay with friends.

Buildy 2D.png

We've built space stations, research centres, and designed alien species to inhabit each of the three planets! We've transformed mobs into space furniture, flying saucers, alien creatures and more, to help you decorate your builds right down to the smallest details. Large areas of space rock remain untouched for the you to transform with your own creations; simply choose a plot and start building!

And as well as all of that, SPACE comes with 10 free skins! Take on deep space as an astronaut, engineer or even an officer of the Space Empire so that you can really take your place as the ultimate space explorer.


  • Custom textures to fit this other worldly theme

  • Dozens of custom models to decorate your builds

  • A gallery to inspire your builds

  • Build the world alone or invite your friends

  • Meet Buildy, your building companion

  • Includes 10 free skins!

We’ve had mansions, castles, and now SPACE. What other themes would you like to see? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

If you're a Java Edition owner, you can get the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft for free! Click here and we'll show you how.

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