City Living


Available now on the Minecraft Marketplace

Live your best life in our brand new map, City Living! Our Creative Toolboxes are designed to bring out your creative side, and this time we’re taking on the concrete jungle. Race the streets in your sports cars, take to the skies in your helicopter or private jet, and visit the job centre to see what needs doing around town. This is our most ambitious Creative Toolbox so far, and the perfect map for you and your friends to roleplay in!


Minecraft mobs have been transformed into items to help you decorate your world, right down to the smallest of details. With custom music, sounds, blocks and more, this is the ultimate Minecraft city map! Large areas remain untouched for you to create your own builds too; simply select your blocks from the toolbox start building.

And as well as all of that, the City Living Creative Toolbox comes with free skins! Take on your role as a high-flying businessman, hop in your plane as Aviator Eloise, or stroll the streets as a regular city-dweller.


  • A full city map, including an airport, high rise apartments and suburban homes

  • Roleplay your heart out with various tasks to complete around the map

  • Custom textures to decorate all styles of buildings

  • Dozens of custom models, blocks and items to bring your builds to life

  • Use the jobs board to find activities to fuel your roleplay

  • Includes 30 free skins!