City Living


Explore • Play • Create


Live your best life in our brand new map, City Living! Our Creative Toolboxes are designed to bring out your creative side, and this time we’re taking on the concrete jungle. Race the streets in your sports cars, take to the skies in your helicopter or private jet, and visit the job centre to see what needs doing around town.

This is our most ambitious Creative Toolbox so far, and the perfect map for you and your friends to roleplay in! With custom music, sounds, blocks and more, this is the ultimate Minecraft city map.


Explore the world

We’ve created an entire city for you to explore, complete with offices, high rise apartments, and suburban homes. You can jump in and immediately start exploring! Every building has been constructed by our builders to add a little more personality to the world, so take the time to look around and find your favourite spots. Whether you’re a fan of sightseeing, or you’re looking for the perfect place to start your own build, there’s something out there for you!


Customise your builds

To really help you make the world your own, we’ve given the normal Minecraft textures a makeover. You can use the exciting and vibrant new blocks to build up the world around you! Minecraft mobs have been transformed into items to help you decorate your world, right down to the smallest of details. There are around 50 new entities and dozens of textures to play with!


Roleplay with your friends

City Living comes with 30 free skins so you can fully immerse yourself in your new world! Found the outfit of your dreams? We’ve got a job to go with it!

Take on your role as a high-flying businessman, hop in your plane as Aviator Eloise, or stroll the streets as a regular city-dweller. It’s up to you!


Customisable cars

There’s a simple joy that comes with adding a splash of colour to your car to suit your mood. Some of the vehicles in City Living can be customised! Just search for car paint in your inventory before getting in your car. Once you’re in the drivers seat, you’ll be able to access the car’s inventory; put the paint in and off you go!

Build board suggestions

Everyone’s favourite building assistant, Buildy has set you up with some fantastic jobs around town. Look out for the brightly coloured build boards to pick up your next building or design job, from rebuilding areas of the city to interior design. Looking for all of the build jobs in one place? Head down to 10 Central Boulevard!

Helicopters & planes

Who wouldn’t want to fly around a huge Minecraft city?! Yes, you can fly in Creative mode, but there’s something so stylish about taking a ride in a helicopter. No need for a special flight training here; just to use your normal directional controls to fly! What a great way to get to the top of skyscrapers without having to take the stairs.

Jobs, job, jobs!

Looking for more things to do around the city or adventures to go on with your friends? Our Now Hiring signs will point you in the right direction! There are all sorts of jobs dotted around the city, from gardening jobs to making deliveries. There are even local bus services which need a driver!


+ Patch Notes

Version 1.4.0 Changelog - Content Update

  • Fixed bug where flying vehicles (Plane and Helicopter) wouldn't fly

Version 1.3.0 Changelog - Content Update

  • Locked world settings to Easy
  • Turned on fall and fire damage
  • Added job board for all jobs (Gardening, delivery, trash collection, bus driving, health inspection, Newsroom.)
  • Added pressure plates in front of Buildy to activate world rules and open door.
  • Updated store description

Version 1.2.0 Changelog - Content Update

  • NPCs now move by default when spawned and can be toggled with the ‘Movement Toggle’ tool to be frozen in place
  • Particles appear when interacting with an NPC using the ‘Movement Toggle’
  • Forced world difficulty to easy
  • “Do Not Use” items are now cleared from the player inventory
  • Scarecrows have been properly clothed
  • Shulker boxes renamed to 'do not use'
  • Moved several clock commands to a function [mainClock]
  • Added function to show map version to the player.