Monsters from the Ice


Adventure • Story • Bosses

Dr Alan Columbus of Geo Decent Labs has requested your assistance at the remote arctic expedition pod. Rival scientists over at the nearby Ice Descent Corp facility have disappeared after developing a marvellous energy harvesting machine, and it’s your job to find out what's going on.

Explore the mountains, and delve into the deep tunnels beneath the abandoned base, gathering resources along your way. Follow the guidance on your mission tokens and listen out for Dr Alan’s instructions as he aids you on your journey into the unknown. You can’t even begin to imagine the monstrous things that await you beneath the ice…

Fully voice acted story

Monsters from the Ice is an exciting adventure, taking you on a journey through an icy landscape, into an abandoned research facility, and down into the lair of the final boss. There are 2 - 4 exciting hours of gameplay, with characters and original voice actors from Terra Swoop Force and Monsters of the Deep!

Mobs & monsters

Throughout your adventure you’ll come face to face with new mobs, and face off against monsters never before seen in Minecraft! We’ve designed four impressive bosses, along with countless other creatures, all with their own unique behaviours and sound.

Play single or multiplayer

We know that some of you adventurers prefer to work as a team, so we’ve made sure that you can invite all of your friend along on your mission. Complete puzzles, gather brand new resources, and experience the entire story, whether you’re playing alone or with a group.

For groups of four or more, select hard mode in the lobby!

Armour upgrades

Battling bosses comes with some pitfalls, namely the potential for bodily harm. The armour station inside the IDC facility will enable you to upgrade your armour as you gather resources. Keep an eye out for arctic sap, hexite, ivandium and crystallite along your journey and collect them to complete your upgrades.

New mechanics to learn

As with every adventure map we make, we’ve come up with new mechanics for you to learn. Look out for the yellow signs around the map; they’ll teach you how to break through brittle ice, how to mine arctic sap, and how to handle your new snow speeder!


As well as those super useful upgrade materials, we’ve scattered chests around the world, each containing a fun piece of loot. There are audio logs, books, and items to find, each adding a little more to the story. Drop by the archives in the IDC facility to see everything you’ve collected!

+ Patch Notes

The first version of the map is out now!