January Roundup


We’re back! Remember us? We have officially returned from a long break to relax and reset after a super busy 2018. For the first time in a long time, we put Minecraft down for a whole month to celebrate the holidays and spend time with our families, and now we’re starting the year completely refreshed and ready to get creating! Let’s look back at what we got up to before the holidays and go over some changes that you’ll be seeing around the Noxcrew community this year.

Right before we broke up for Christmas, we took part in Yogscasts’ Jingle Jam where Noxite hosted a special live edition of the Noxcrew Gameshow. Throughout November, Gregan and Landlord worked hard to revamp the original games, including updating the builds, gameplay mechanics, and even some of the original music, to make sure that the gameshow ran seamlessly. We brought in six special guests and split them into two teams to go head to head. BigBStatz, Solidarity and NettyPlays became the blue team, taking on Martyn, Tomohawk, and MiniMuka, the yellow team. If you missed out, check out the video down at the bottom of this page and you can watch our whole stream segment! We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who tuned in and enjoyed the stream. The Jingle Jam has raised more than $14.9 million for various charities to date, so it was an honour to be invited to take part! You can watch the full month’s worth of streams over on twitch.tv/yogscast.


Over the holidays, the first ever creator bundles were released over on the Minecraft Marketplace, with dozens of teams releasing packs of maps and skins for discounted prices. Our Creative Toolbox Bundle hit the store on December 20th and contained our four Creative Toolbox maps: Millionaire Mansions, Castles & Dragons, Spaceships & Aliens (formerly known as SPACE) and Movie Star. We’re really excited to bring you more bundles when we get the chance. Did you buy anything during the sale? What sort of bundles would you like to see in the future? Tell us what you think down below! If you’re a Marketplace fan and you’re looking for new content to check out, make sure to take a look at our top Minecraft picks for 2018 where we’ve put together our list of favourites from the last 12 months.

To get the new year started in the right way, two weeks ago we brought the entire Noxcrew team across to the UK for a holiday. As we all currently work from home, our team members are scattered across Europe and the US, which means that we rarely have the chance for face to face meetings. We rented out an amazing house in Lincolnshire for the occasion and packed a van full of board games and consoles to keep everyone entertained! The week was spent celebrating our 2018 releases, and talking about what’s to come in 2019. Noxite presented a pitch for a brand new adventure map that we’ll be starting work on very soon so make sure you’re following us on Instagram; we’ll be dropping some pictures on our story once the build begins to take shape. I’d like to give a special shout out to our builder Tom (Frankenstein25) who managed to make it over from France for the weekend to meet us all for the first time!

Community changes for 2019

As we get ready for a year of big releases (fingers crossed that BLOZARK finally makes it), we’re going to be making a few changes to the Noxcrew community. As Avon announced in his stream earlier this week, he and Noxite will no longer be hosting weekly streams. In addition to that, after seven years, we’re saying a fond farewell to our Patreon page. Throughout the years we’ve received an incredible amount of support from our patrons which has enabled us to keep making crazy Minecraft content, and more recently, to host giveaways for our community. We’re ready to move on to a system that better suits our community and team as a whole, which leads me to introduce the Noxcrew Ambassadors role! Our ambassadors will be a group of trusted community members who will help us to moderate our Discord and make decisions around the community. More info to come on that very soon!

These are some big changes, especially for our long-time patrons, so head over to the announcements channel in Discord where our community manager Noctis has made a post about all of the changes.

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