Top Minecraft Picks For 2018


2018 has been an incredible year for the Minecraft Marketplace! It was announced this November that there are now 77 community creators partnered with Minecraft, who between them have driven more than 13 million purchases for their creations since it launched last June. Wow! There are now hundreds of maps, skin packs and texture packs available on the Marketplace for the Minecraft community to enjoy.

With new items released every single week, it’s getting tricky to see everything that the creators have to offer. We know that you want to spend your hard earned Minecoins on the best possible content, and that’s precisely why we’ve put together this list of what we think are some of the best maps the Marketplace has to offer. Whether you’re buying maps for yourself, as a gift, or you’re just looking for inspiration, feast your eyes on our favourite releases from 2018!


Dwarven Mining Company

Earlier this year, Gamemode One came out with the fantastic Dwarven Mining Company which was a first of its kind to be released onto the marketplace. Described as an ‘enormous world for you to explore and destroy’, DMC is an immersive experience with high-tech machinery to help you mine the loot and shiny ore, and mobs and bosses waiting around every corner.

The Gamemode One team have put together an expansive map, with a variety of creepy mobs, custom sounds, music and voice-acted characters. Dwarven Mining Company is currently rated at 3.9 stars, and costs 1510 Minecoins for one world plus five skins.

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Papercraft Adventure

In August, Canadian creator Jigarbov released Papercraft Adventure, a wonderfully unique map featuring paper thin mobs with over fifty quests with puzzles, stories, and bosses to beat. It’s a joy to play, with star stickers to collect and so much to explore.

Inspired by Paper Mario and Mario Galaxy, this map will have you jumping into a giant school art class with beaches, islands, castles, mansions and more to explore! We love it because of its charming aesthetic and the hours of gameplay. This world is currently at 4.3 stars and costs 990 Minecoins.

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Obstacle Combo

Toya are a wonderful team that are passionate about bringing inspirational women into the spotlight, with their most recent series of maps created in collaboration with Dr. Jen Welter, the 1st Female NFL Coach. Obstacle Combo is the second map in this series.

It’s a simple and well made map, with a variety of courses so even beginners can work their way up and into the hall of game! If you like parkour and a bit of competition, this is a great map to try out. The Obstacle Combo world is currently rated 3.9 stars and costs 990 Minecoins.

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Relics of the Skies

Imagiverse are another one of the standout teams on the marketplace and they’ve released some of our favourite marketplace maps, and Relics of the Skies is definitely our favourite so far! There are planes to fly around in, floating islands to explore and mystical creatures to battle. What’s not to love?!

We love the bright, colourful theme and stunning build, and flying round the world listening to their specially designed soundtrack. Relics of the Skies is currently rated 4.4 stars. The world comes with 10 skins and costs 1,340 coins.

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City Life

Early in the year, PixelHeads brought to us one of the best selling maps of the year. City Life, a world where you roleplay life in the city, brings players a modern-day city with vehicles galore. Play as a bandit, police officer or just take your dog for a walk.

Cruise the streets in a police car, firetrucks, cars, trains, ambulances, taxis, police cars, hot rods, all-terrain vehicles and even motorbikes… phew! City Life is currently rated 4.2 on the store. This world comes with 14 skins and costs 830 coins!

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Millionaire Mansions

We may be biased, but Millionare Mansions is definitely one of the biggest releases of 2018! This popular map brings together building, design, and roleplay, into a single world with a custom creative toolset to help you design the world of your dreams.

Explore a town filled with beautiful mansions, sports cars, and put your interior design skills to the test with the first map in our Creative Toolbox series. It’s the perfect map to practise your building skills, or play at being a princess or millionaire with your friends. Millionaire Mansions is currently rated 4.1 stars. The world comes with 10 skins and costs 830 coins.

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Monsters of the Deep

Track down monsters and put your training to the test in this epic underwater adventure! Released alongside Update Aquatic, we teach you about all of the underwater features as you battle 3 custom bosses. As well as a full story and adventure, this map comes with trident parkour, treasure hunting and a fishing mini-game (with an incredibly catchy theme tune.

It’s one of our favourite maps because of the story and build. We used characters from Terra Swoop Force and created a prequel to our most popular map ever, but in a world with vast underwater caverns and beautiful custom biomes. The Monsters of the Deep world is currently rated a fantastic 4.6 stars and costs 830 Minecoins. It also includes English subtitles.

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We don’t have the time to play every piece of content, so our top picks are based on the overall experiences of the maps that we’ve played. If you think there’s a map we might have overlooked, or you would like us to take a look at some of your content to feature next year, just contact us! Here are some honourable mentions for some other great content that you should definitely check out if you have some extra Minecoins:

The Curse - A Spooky Adventure by 57 Digital

Camp Craft by Blockworks

City Mash-up by Everbloom Studios

Prison Escape 2 - Roleplay by InPvP

Infinity Dungeon EX by Jigarbov Productions

Hero’s Journey by Pathway Studios & Builders Horizon

Super! Dreamland by Pixels & Blocks

Aquatic Life by Cyclone Designs

Leave a comment down below with your favourite picks from 2018! Do you have a favourite team or a type of map that you always buy? We’d love to know!

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