Destructobot 5000


Available now on the Minecraft Marketplace

You were a prisoner in an underground military lab when you woke up to an explosion tearing a hole in your cell. The entire facility is in ruins... it looks like a battle broke out and you just missed it. Robo-Aliens have taken over the city and are ready and waiting to crush any measly humans that stands in their way.

It’s time to show them who’s boss in your brand new explosive suit of armour; Destructobot 5000 and take down their Robot Generals in an attempt to save the world!


  • Jump on board a DestructoBot 5000 mech

  • Save the city from the evil Robo-Aliens

  • Defeat the three boss Robo-Aliens in Boss Hunt mode

  • Play with up to 10 of your friends

  • Take on your friends in Versus mode