September Roundup


It’s the end of September, Autumn is on its way and MINECON Earth has been and gone. What a month! We’ve had many wonderful opportunities to interact with many of you this September, both at events and online, so we’re sending out much love and appreciation to everyone who has supported Noxcrew and our content! Now, onto the news.

As many of you will now have seen, this month we released a free map called Grid Runners. In celebration of MINECON Earth 2018, we wanted to create a mini-game map that embraces everything Minecraft, and I think we managed to do just that! With challenges based upon some of the most popular elements of the game: mining, crafting, combat and exploring, Grid Runners is a fast paced, competitive map and it’s free for everyone to play! Like all other Marketplace content, this map is available to download on Android, IOS (iPhone and iPad), Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Kindle Fire TV, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Xbox One… Phew! So hit the button marked ‘store’ on whatever device you’re playing on and use the search bar to find Grid Runners. It won’t cost you a penny!

This is a competitive map and we can’t wait to see how well you do so make sure you share your scores with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Take a screenie in front of your scoreboards and don’t forget to use the hashtag #noxcrew and tag us so we can see your scores. To find out everything you need to know about Grid Runners including a walk through of each of the four courses, click here and let us know in the comments below what your favourite challenges are.

Our second release of the month was the third in our Creative Toolbox series, a collection of maps that aims to bring out every players’ creative side. We create a theme to fuel the imagination, this time ‘SPACE’, and design a world around it for you to explore. Our level designers build up the environment and structures to fit the theme, while our artists work on custom textures and models to add extra detail to the world. The end result is an enchanting map which gives every Minecrafter room to express their creativity, be that building structures, interior decorating or roleplaying as the leader of this vast, unknown galaxy! SPACE is our now on the Minecraft Marketplace. Watch the trailer here, or head over to our Creations page to see all of the features included in the map.

Yesterday was the long awaited MINECON Earth 2018 and we couldn’t have been more excited! As well as hanging out in the official Minecraft Discord during the stream, our Community Manager Noctis hosted a little stream party on our Discord. There were some incredible announcements during the show, from new mobs to some fantastic mapmaker tools, as well as lots of opportunities to get to know the Minecraft dev team and all of the MINECON co-hosts. The best part, however, is that we got to see the fantastic Yammy_xox and Aureylian take on a live action version of Grid Runners on stage alongside our very own Stefan (Noxite) and Joe (Avondale)! If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch the entire show at the bottom of this page, otherwise stay tuned as later this month we’ll be giving you our highlights.

Finally, I can now officially announce that we’ll be saying goodbye to this season’s Noxcrew & Friends Survival Server on Friday October 5th. In our August Roundup, I explained the changes that will be coming to the way we run the server and the decision was made that after a fantastic six months, we’re going to be doing a full server reset. The server will re-open for Season 2 on the same day with a brand new theme: Nether City. Included will be a new dedicated resource pack and data packs to enhance game play. The server will be played on Minecraft: Java Edition 1.13 and players will each be assigned a regular job (e.g. town librarian), as well as a secondary ‘silly’ job (e.g. town lunatic) to add to the roleplay and give each player a place to start. We’ve put together a new Survival Server portal to keep all of the handy resources in one place. If you’re a member of the server or would like to know how to get involved, click here to check it out.

We’re holding a live stream and gamenight on Friday the 5th to celebrate the opening of the new server. Check out our announcements channel in Discord for more information!