August Roundup


After a busy July, August has met us with a lot less sun and far fewer exciting trips (check out our July Roundup to see what we got up to last month), which has meant that we've had to make our own entertainment! Read on for prizes, new team members, court cases and top secret projects...

In arguably the most exciting news of the month, we have officially welcomed three new people to our team! We had an incredible amount of interest and were completely flooded with applications from people wanting to join the Noxcrew. After a month of discussions and interviews, Gamerstu, SkyScribbles and Frankenstien25 have joined us as mechanic, artist and builder respectively. They've jumped straight into our latest projects and we're excited to be able to add more expertise and perspectives to our map making team! Hover over their pictures above to read a little more about them, or head over to our About Us page to meet them and the rest of the team.

If you're already a part of our community or have happened to drop by our Discord server at any point over the last few months, you'll have seen us running regular giveaways during our streams over on After a hectic, but fairly stream-less July, we came back swinging this month with four giveaways! This month's prize pool was made up of four fantastic items: a Logitech Prodigy Gaming Keyboard, LEGO Minecraft The Skeleton Attack play set, Minecraft 7" Plush Slime, LEGO Minecraft Micro World: The Nether. Our winners were chosen at random from the participants. Congratulations to our winners, Ant50003, Myserval, Cyburst and Niker107! If you want to be in with a chance of winning next month, it really couldn't be easier. Keep an eye out on our social media for the next giveaway dates and make sure that you're on Discord with our notifications turned on during the stream to enter. Everything you need to know is in the #announcements channel!

Last Friday we gathered all of the residents of our Noxcrew & Friends Survival Server to discuss the state of the server and how we're going to make it even better next time around! Full notes including discussion and proposed changes are available in #survival-server-discussion on Discord, but here's a quick rundown of expected changes:

  • There will be restart dates set for the server (server life will be six months)

  • The server will be Vanilla with limited mods to encourage activity and avoid lag

  • It will remain a roleplay server, this time with themes!

  • Themes will be decided by majority vote

  • Guest passes will reset with each server restart

If you've been following our streams, you'll have seen Avondale and Noxite navigating server life to varying degrees of success. There have been ups, downs, dodgy dealings, monster hunting and more. As many of you won't have had the chance to watch the live streams as they happen, our Community Manager Noctis_Mori has managed to condense many of the episodes down into hilarious and easy to watch chunks so that you can keep up with the goings on in Cherry Point. You can watch the most recent clip below, when Noxite is taken to court for suspected larceny...

After two map releases on the Minecraft Marketplace last month, we promised that more would be coming soon. Well this month we've been completely wrapped up in a top secret project, but I can officially confirm that our next Creative Toolbox will be released next month! If you're looking for sneak peeks, make sure that you hop over to our Instagram as we'll be dropping release details (and maybe even a couple of previews) over there first!

That's all from us here, we'll catch up with you next month. Don't forget that countdown to MINECON Earth 2018 is now on! See you on the other side.