May Roundup


It may have been the most exciting month so far this year for us here at Noxcrew! On Wednesday May 16th, the first phase of Update Aquatic was released on Bedrock and with it we introduced our brand new underwater adventure map, Monsters of the Deep. The map encompasses everything that Phase One of the aquatic update has to offer, sending players on an exciting journey of exploration, treasure hunting and boss fighting, as well as teaching players everything that they need to know about the update so far. And the adventure doesn't end there! When phase two roles out with even more new and exciting features (we're looking at you, dolphins), there'll be even more to discover around GDL's underwater headquarters. Click the button below to read more about the map and how to get your hands on it.

Much to our delight, we've already seen some awesome YouTubers taking on the monsters! You can check out part one of Tomohawk's adventure right here or for ItsFunneh's map playthrough, click here. If you've seen any other videos about Monsters of the Deep, link them in the comments down below; we absolutely love watching them! If you or someone you know is a Minecraft content creator, head on over to our brand new Press page and join up to our PR mailing list to be updated when we have a big new release coming.

Over the last year we've been posting regularly on our Instagram page and bringing you some great shots from our maps and even dropping in behind the scenes pictures like this Tuesday's post which shows some interior design from an upcoming map (announcement coming soon)! If you're not following us already, head on over to our Instagram page by clicking here and allow us to brighten up your feed with our weekly posts!

In more Minecraft news, little earlier in the month, Microsoft made the official announcement that Bedrock will be making its way onto the Nintendo Switch late next month, giving Switch players the opportunity to experience cross-play, achievements and all of the other fantastic features that Bedrock brings! This means that players will have access to the Minecraft Marketplace which hosts all of the Noxcrew Bedrock maps, as well as many other community made creations from teams such as Everbloom Studios and Imagiverse. You can read more about the update right here.

And finally, it's been giveaways galore throughout May. We hosted four fantastic giveaways this month, offering up a Minecraft bow and arrow playset, a Logitech gaming mouse, the Minecraft Waterfall Base Lego set and finally last night, a Minecraft Creeper Xbox One wireless controller! We'd like to give a huge congratulations to our winners Celesian, Chielui, Matth3w23 and Sanguinem Regem. For a chance to take part next month, join us on Discord. Don't forget to introduce yourself, we're always happy to welcome new Minecrafters to our community!

That's all for this month... Phew. As always, check out our most recent stream highlights video right here, and head on over to for weekly streams and to check out more of our highlights!