How to dedicate more RAM to Java Minecraft


RAM or Random Access Memory dictates how much of your computer is dedicated to running a program and is important when running Java Minecraft. The amount of computer memory that is available to deal with both Javascript and Minecraft’s various quirks, especially when running Mods, can seriously affect how your game runs.

If your Minecraft game is crashing or performing poorly, with your game slowing down or lagging, you can usually fix it by allocating more RAM to the game.

Allocating more RAM to Minecraft is relatively straightforward and can be done from the opening screen, no download necessary!

1. Check how much RAM your computer has

For Windows users, open the Start menu, and type System into the search bar. Click to open your computer’s System Information app and look for the number next to Installed Memory (RAM).

For Apple users, open the Apple menu and click About This Mac. Look for the number to the right of the Memory heading.

2. Make sure Java is updated

Go to Java’s website and download the latest version. This will ensure that everything is up to date and ready for RAM allocation.

3. Check your Minecraft advanced options

Click the Launch Options tab at the top of the launcher and make sure that the Advanced settings switch is on.

This will allow you to view extra options within each of your profiles!

4. Choose a profile and turn on the JVM arguments switch

On the Launch Options screen, click the profile that you’ll be using to play the game. You can only change the amount of RAM for one profile at a time.

Once you’re inside your selected profile, click to turn on the JVM arguments switch. This will allow you to make changes in the next step!

5. Edit the amount of RAM that Minecraft can access

In the JVM arguments box, look at the first section of the text which says -Xmx1G. Change the 1 to the number of gigabytes of RAM that you would like to use. For example, to use 2 gigabytes of RAM you would change this text to -Xmx2G.

Click save!

Minecraft will now use your selected amount of RAM for that specific profile!

Remember: you can only allocate as much RAM as your computer can provide and you should never allocate the full amount to Minecraft otherwise your PC may struggle to run anything else!

TechnicalNoctis Mori