Cheat mode and useful cheats


In Minecraft, it is possible for players to use cheats or commands to alter the world around them to give themselves an advantage or to meet certain conditions.

Cheats are usually locked off to players, but they can be activated when creating a world for the first time or in the world settings after a world has been created by switching on the Activate Cheats tab, though this will prevent players from earning achievements.

Commands are also available to worlds that have been created in Creative Mode, but they also prevent players from earning achievements.


> Useful Cheats! (click to reveal)

/clear [Player] Clears all items from a player inventory.

/clone [Begin: x y z End: x y z Destination: x y z] Copies blocks from one place to another.

/difficulty [Game Difficulty] Sets the difficulty level.

/enchant [Player Enchantment level] Enchants a player's item.

/fill [From: x y z To: x y z Block] Fills a region with a specific block.

/gamemode [name] Sets a player's game mode.

/help Provides help for commands.

/kill [Target] Kills entities (players, mobs, items, etc.).


Cheats are often blocked by command blocks or other means on Adventure maps, even if the world is created in creative mode, to prevent players from breaking the map and ruining the story, though this can often be worked around.

You can enter commands via the text chat window by pressing ‘T’ or ‘/’ (forward slash) to open it. Commands must be preceded by ‘/’ in text chat to work, as just typing the text will result in the player speaking rather than activating the command.

Once completed and activated, a message will appear in the top left corner of the game screen.


> More useful cheats! (click to reveal)

/msg [Player message] Displays a private message to other players.

/setblock [Position x y z Block] Changes a block to another block.

/spawnpoint [Player Postion: x y z] Sets the spawn point for a player.

/summon [Entity Position: x y z] Summons an entity.

/time Changes or queries the world's game time.

/toggledownfall Toggles the weather.

/tp [Player Destination: x y z] Teleports entities.

/xp [Amount Player] Adds or removes player experience


While not an exhaustive list, these commands are the most useful cheats, which are often used by players who are focused on building rather than surviving to control the world around them, though any cheat can be used to help those playing in survival mode. Any additional information required to complete the command will be displayed over the text box as the command is typed. It will also show other commands that can be activated.

Pressing the tab button can cycle through the required information, mainly if it can target other players.

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