Noxcrew Ambassador rank is live!


Hello all

It’s time: applications for Noxcrew Ambassadors are now LIVE!

The Ambassador rank is available to those members of the community who are highly regarded as both fans and friends of the Noxcrew and their community. They are the reliable ones, that we can trust to uphold our values and guide others to do the same, all while creating a fun atmosphere for people to express their feelings, ask questions and chat openly about whatever it is they want to talk about.

In short, they’re downright lovely people to be around, who make this community an awesome place to hang out!

If you want to be part of this brilliant group of people, first check that you meet the following criteria:


Well known member of the Noxcrew Community

Well regarded member of the Noxcrew Community

Trusted to act maturely and responsibly on social media

Are a reflection of Noxcrew and its’ community

Once you’re sure, you can apply by filling in the application below!

We here at Noxcrew will then assess the application, making sure that you are the upright sort of person we’re looking for.

If you are selected, you’ll be granted a special “Noxcrew Ambassador” rank on our Discord server notated by an awesome logo, created as always by the amazing Skyao.

To show our love and appreciation for you guys, you’ll have access to the Ambassador Survival Server, a private server for Ambassadors, Noxcrew and Noxfriends to hang out and play your way, no meddling from me or Avondale.

You’ll also have a special Ambassador text and voice chat room on the Noxcrew Discord server to plot and plan together.

I’m excited to kick off this new addition to our community and celebrate those who’ve made this place such a joy to be a part of.

* Ambassador rank is not a position of employment by Noxcrew. Any content created independently by Ambassadors is not affiliated with or supported by Noxcrew LTD *

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