November Roundup


It’s the end of November, and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling festive. And cold. But mostly festive! The Christmas tree is up, a ridiculous number of twinkly lights are scattered around my office and a grand total of two Christmas presents have been purchased. Let’s look back and see what fabulous Noxcrew news there is for this month.

Our most exciting news is that a few weeks ago, we released the fourth in our Creative Toolbox series: Movie Star. Much like our other toolbox maps, Millionaire Mansions, Castles & Dragons and SPACE, Movie Star is a highly detailed and beautifully built world that comes with dozens of skins and custom entities to really help you channel your creativity. Whether you’re a designer, builder, or simply enjoy roleplaying with your friends in new environments, there’s a toolbox to suit your style. Movie Star itself is home to Nox Studios, a movie studio with four films currently in production. For each of the films there are warehouses full of sets, soundboards and scripts, ready for you to bring the stories to life. Not the best actor? Don’t worry, you can’t be any worse than Noxite…

Movie Star is out now on the Minecraft Marketplace! This map is by far one of my personal favourites and the tiny details scattered around the world really take this map to a whole new level. To find out more about Movie Star and the rest of our creations, head over to our Creations page, or click the button below to go straight to the map.

So far this year we’ve released seven maps to the Minecraft Marketplace which has given us plenty of opportunity to take absolutely tonnes of good looking screenshots. Our builders are particularly good at creating aesthetically pleasing, yet functional maps and alongside our artists, the Noxcrew style can be fairly easy to recognise. For that reason, we’ve been practically flooding our Instagram with screenshots from our creations in order to add a bit more vibrancy to the feeds of our followers. Speaking of, this month we finally made it to 1,000 followers and even more have joined us since!

The second addition to our Marketplace collection this month was the brand new Tiny Footprints Skin Pack. The colourful 30 skin pack was created by our artist Arsenic, who designed the pack to pair perfectly with the vibrant style of the Tiny Footprints texture pack that we released at the beginning of 2018. Arsenic, whose real name is Chris, uses a limited colour palette and a low resolution style to create bold and blocky textures that are not unlike the original textures of the game but with their own unique look. The skins, which have been designed to represent some of the Minecraft mobs, take on a similar style to the texture pack in that they have a limited number of pixels, the same colour palette and the same wide-eyes gaze as the in-game mobs in the texture pack!

Within the skin pack you’ll find some of your favourite mobs such as Creeper, Enderman and Zombie, as well as Skeleton, Snow Golem, Vindicator and Drowned. To get hold of it, head on over to the Minecraft Marketplace, or click here to grab the Alex and Steve skins for free! You can also read so much more about the Tiny Footprints packs right here in our behind the scenes article earlier in the year when I spoke to Arsenic about his inspiration for the texture pack and how he designed it.

Our Community Manager Noctis took to the blog this month and posted a behind the scenes look at our map SPACE. Behind the Stars: SPACE looks at the four main factions woven into the theme of the map: the Vorgons, Jars, Corsairs the Star Drill Mining Company. In the article, Noctis talks through the planning that went on behind each of the factions and the process that our builders and artists took when designing each of the colonies and their environments. We look at the core colours and themes for each of the factions as well as their key goals and traits and many more interesting facts that help bring the map to life. Fun fact, did you know that the rare ore being mined by the Star Drill was inspired by mysterious substances such as ‘Unobtanium’ from Avatar or ‘Adamantium’ from the X-Men series? Be sure to check out the full article for everything you need to know about the SPACE factions!

That’s all for us this month! We have something pretty exciting happening within the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter for information. Hint: if you liked the Noxcrew gameshow, then you’re definitely going to enjoy this. Let us know what you’ve been up to this month in the comments down below!