Noxcrew on the Minecraft marketplace


Since 2011, we at The Noxcrew have been pushing the boundaries of Minecraft to bring you the very best experiences. We've travelled to events showcasing our maps and enjoyed every moment! Our community has been built around fans of our projects and friends offering to help and we're eternally grateful to every single one of you, particularly our supporters on Patreon who have helped so much.

Our crew is made up of passionate and talented individuals, dedicated to bringing you the most immersive and fun experience possible, however as with all non-profit communities, the time needed to bring these projects to life was becoming harder to find. The crew were going through education, getting full-time jobs and going through life just like everyone else and sometimes hobbies become less of a priority.

Last year we were approached by Microsoft and asked to become a part of their exclusive team of creators for the Minecraft Marketplace. Because of this opportunity, we're finally able to turn this hobby into something sustainable which is an absolute dream come true! We can hire our team and focus our full efforts on bringing you more content consistently, which has been our ambition for so long!

We'll never forget our Java Edition roots, so stay tuned for news of more Java creations in the future! In the meantime, all of our previous creations remain available to download via our Creations page so just click the button below.