Jeoffrey's Chamber 1 revamped


With roughly ten minutes of game play, it may be one of the shortest maps of its kind, but it was a revolutionary one! Back in 2013 when it was first released, Jeoffrey's Chamber 1 was the first map to take Minecraft to the next level, utilising the then newly released resource packs to inject custom sounds and music into the game. The map gained popularity so quickly that the team put together a second adventure (Jeoffrey's Chamber 2) only a week later.

Fans of the map came together to support the team as their ideas became more and more ambitious but even after the release of such projects as Terra Swoop Force and Adventurer's Dream, Jeoffrey's Chamber 3 remains a highly requested map.

Despite moving into the Pocket Edition market place, The Noxcrew have revamped Jeoffrey's Chamber 1 which is available to download once more. Could this be a hint of what's to come..?

Click the button below to visit our Creations page and download the map which is available for free on Java edition.