Suddenly... Snow


Hello Noxcrew community,

It's been a rollercoaster trying to keep up with ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen’ this week! Everytime we think we’re reaching the end, another drop comes along and sends us hurtling back down to the depths!

At the beginning of the week, the map was 95% done, with some final tweaks, some updated voice lines and some final tests to be completed before we could put this baby to bed. We then discovered a curious Minecraft bug that limits the amount of entities we can spawn into our world. This is obviously not the best thing for a map with a lot of custom enemies that we want to throw at players with reckless abandon. So now we’re trying to figure out what's gone wrong and crush this little bug before ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen’ becomes another BLOZARK!

But never fret, Noxcrew are not ones to give up easily and we’re continuing on under the assumption that everything is going to work out just fine. We’ve continued streamlining some of the environments, tweaked some of the enemies to make them even cooler than they were before and recorded some missing voice lines to make sequences flow better. We even managed to get Mewulf, our resident grump, to record some lines in his typical Mewulf style!

While that chaos has been going on, the build team have been quietly working away on Codename:Cow and have pulled a snow realm seemingly out of nowhere! (it’s nice to see one of our projects going ahead smoothly) I’ll keep you up to date should any more realms mysteriously appear!

Finally, we can announce that we are going to be taking part in the Minecraft Partner Palooza and Creator Summit! At the end of the month, the team will be heading to Stockholm, Sweden to visit the Mojang offices with all of our friends from the other marketplace teams, to discuss the future of Minecraft, what new features we’re going to get to play with and where we can expect things to go from here!

We’re all very excited as, for many of us, this will be the first time visiting Sweden! It’s also always a delight to hang out as a team and with our fellow partners. We even got ourselves brand new Noxcrew t-shirts in beautiful wine red to celebrate! (I’m so glad, Noxcrew Red makes me so pale!) I’ll, of course, bring you all the news and shenanigans once we’re back :)

And that's your lot. I hope next week I can bring you more positive news for ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen’ but until then, we’ll do what we can to move past this pest and get things finished!

Have a brilliant week!


Noctis MoriComment