Music to our ears!


Hello Noxcrew community,

It’s been non-stop over here this week but I’m happy to say that we’ve finally done a full team test of ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen!’ This is when every member of Noxcrew plays through a project and nitpicks it to hell and back to make sure it’s the best we can make it.

It’s taken us nearly 4 months to get to this point, it’s always rewarding when we can run through a project from start to finish and see the map in action!!

During the run through, we did find a ridiculous amount of quirks that need to be stamped out, but that's ok, that's what these tests are for! For all the minor issues that currently plague ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen’, there are some amazing sequences and brilliant little touches that I think you are all going to love (I know I do)

We’re hoping that we can get the final wrinkles smoothed out and have the map shipped to Microsoft before we leave for Sweden but we’ll just have to see how it goes! Everyone has worked so hard on this project to make it as perfect as we can for you all, one last push to get it out of the door won't kill us!

While this week has mostly been all about ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen!’ other projects have had minor touch-ups. Textures and landscapes are still getting built and improved over in Codename: Cow with some islands turning up and the ocean getting filled in at last!

Plans are also in motion to get DvD back on track. We’ll be jumping back onto the project once we’re back in action, so expect news on that in the coming weeks!

Finally, after a lot of organisation, we can announce that we have a Spotify account where you can listen to all of Epic_Landlord’s awesome in-game soundtracks!

At the moment it's only got the City Living, Gameshow Season One, Spaceships and Aliens, Ready Sled Go, Elf Patrol and Monsters of the Deep soundtrack available to listen to, but we’ll be updating them as we go, with Terra Swoop Force and Grid Runners already on the way!

We’ve wanted to get this to you guys for a long time so we’re really happy that it's here. I hope you enjoy it!

And that’s your lot! We’re out of town next week, working hard at Mojang HQ, but while we’re away I’ll be looking back at Adventurers’s Dream and how Arsenic and Skyao altered Bedrock’s UI to make it fit the map’s style.

I hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you when we get back with all the juicy gossip!


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