Applications are GO!


Hey Noxcrew community!

I hope you all enjoyed E3! I’m personally excited for Watch Dogs: Legion and Animal Crossing, they look amazing! What are you looking forward to?

Anyway, after the excitement of the last couple of weeks, it’s nice to finally get back to the old routine, work on some maps, write up some documents, curse at some bugs, all the usual things that keep Noxcrew ticking along.

After DvD’s walk-through last week, Avon and Stu have been hard at it, building up the map mechanics and getting things back into order.

Some of the builders jumped back into the map earlier in the week as well, just to tweak the landscape and add some new structures, so everything seems to be moving ahead smoothly.

Codename: Cow is also moving along at a nice pace with some cute little buildings now turning up! Jake and Lukas have done some beautiful work, as usual, and the place is really starting to feel alive!

While the building work has been going ahead, Skye has been working on some gorgeous animations for Codename: Cow’s entities that are so good, we’re not even sure it's Minecraft anymore! I’m excited to see what she comes up with next if she can make a postbox look so cool!

Next, and I’m personally proud of this one, Behind the Streets, the behind the scenes post for City Living, is finally live! It’s taken a long time to get here, but at last it’s free for you all to enjoy. If you’re interested in the Noxcrew creative process, or you want to learn more about developing your very own city build, I highly recommend giving it a read (and no, not just because I wrote it)

Finally, as you’ve probably seen, we’ve opened up applications for even more new members of the Noxcrew team! (Soon we’re going to be a bigger team than Bethesda!) This time we’re looking for Animators and Game Designers to help smooth out the development process and make our maps flow even better than before!

If you think this is the perfect job for you, send us your portfolio over on our careers page. We look forward to seeing your applications!

And that’s your lot! A bit of a shorter post this week, Nox has been enjoying himself over at E3 and that tends to make things a bit quieter than usual. I’m sure once he’s back next week, we’ll have plenty of craziness to report on.

Until then, have a great week!


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