February Roundup


February is almost over and we've had a pretty great month! On the 20th we released Tiny Footprints, our brand new Bedrock texture pack created by Arsenic. If you haven't heard of him before, he's been with the Noxcrew since 2012 and is best known for his role in running our Minecraft: Java edition server (Nox.GS) as well as his textures and custom models in our maps. Next month we'll be bringing you a behind the scenes article where we speak to Arsenic about the pack, how he put it together and some of his favourite textures.

We're also now giving away the Tiny Footprints Alex and Steve skins for free! You can use these on both Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft, just click the links below to download them.

Alex Skin.png
Steve Skin.png

After a week from streaming, Noxite will be back on March 6th with even more antics from our Noxcrew & Friends Survival Server. And if you're a fan of the crew but can't make it to the streams, we've got you covered! For the last couple of weeks our Community Manager Noctis has been working on some stream highlights to bring together all of the best bits from the weekly streams. You can find them over on our Twitch channel or by clicking right here. Don't forget to follow while you're over there so you can be notified when the stream goes live! You can watch the first one just below.

To round off the month, we had our patron meeting, this time taking place in the local tavern run by sisters Noctis and Neon. After reaching one of our targets over on Patreon last month, we'll be kicking off our giveaways in March and giving you the chance to win some amazing prizes. The first one will be taking place one of the streams so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement!

Oh and before you ask, yes it is almost Spring and the new mini-games festival will be here very, very soon...