Upixel joins the battle!


Hello Noxcrew community!

A shorter post for you guys this week as the team are off enjoying a well deserved long weekend to celebrate Easter (I plan to sit and eat chocolate all weekend, don’t know about anyone else) but we still have some fun little updates for you to enjoy.

First of all, I would like to officially announce the newest member of the Noxcrew family: Lukas AKA Upixel! A fantastic and super creative all-round builder, he’ll be joining the boys on the build team, helping to create incredible worlds and exciting adventures.

We’re all very excited to have Upixel on the team and I personally can’t wait to see what marvels he’ll cook up!

We’ve already put him to work as building for Codename: Cow has begun in earnest, with a particular focus this time around on landscaping which is keeping e-mouse, our resident expert, very busy, as there’s a lot of land to cover!

Arsenic has also charged forward with creating the world’s textures and we already have a first working texture pack for Codename: Cow! These packs get fine-tuned throughout the project’s development so it’s not 100% done, but getting a first version really helps us to get a feel for the project and how it will eventually look, so it's all very exciting.

Finally, we held our first ever Ambassador meeting this week and plans are underway for the release of the Ambassador server! As exciting as this is, it does signal the end of the Survival Server season 2 and ‘Survival Server Green’ rank on our Discord.

It’s very sad to see the end of this fantastic project, we had so much fun creating and playing in this world alongside you guys, but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things!

To celebrate the amazing time we had together and all the hard work the people of the Nether City put into creating such an enjoyable season, we’re making the Nether City World available for everyone to download, explore and enjoy! (Just please don’t destroy my Stone shop, I worked hard on that)

Enjoy your long weekend and I’ll see you all next week!

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