April Roundup


After celebrating the release of our first map of the year last month, we started looking forward to another big summer of releases! Although we already have half a dozen maps in the works (and many more planned), April has been all about changing up and perfecting our method of map creation with lots of meetings and planning about how we work best as a team! We have jumped back into the map that we premiered back in August 2017, Escape From BLOZARK, and revamped it ready for release later this year. We also started work on a great new series that we plan to release this summer. More information about both of these coming soon™!

As you may have seen, last week Microsoft launched the Minecraft: Master Collection, an exclusive bundle for the Xbox One. Along side the Bedrock edition of Minecraft comes a selection of content from the Minecraft store including two of our own maps; the ever popular Adventurer's Dream and the most magical edition of our festival series, Winter Mini-Games Festival! To find out more about what's included and our recommendations on what to buy with your Minecoins, visit our article from last week, or click the button below to go straight to the bundle.

This month's streams have been all about the Noxcrew & Friends Survival Server! Noxite has been organising weekly meetings with his Monster Hunter's Guild for training in combat, monster tracking and recruitment, while Avondale continued with the construction of his house. Hop on over to twitch.tv/thenoxcrew to watch all of our stream highlight videos, or even the full streams if you're brave enough.

As a final note we would like to say a huge congratulations to Tom, winner of Tuesday's giveaway for a Razer Blackwidow keyboard and Blackicicle who yesterday won a LEGO Minecraft: Crafting Box set! We hope that you enjoy your prizes! To be the first to know about the May giveaways, make sure that you're subscribed to our social media, or hop over to our Discord server and keep an eye out for the announcements.