The super site shake-up


Hello Noxcrew community,

I hope you enjoyed your Easter break! We here at Noxcrew are refreshed, relaxed and back in business and things are getting shaken up a bit around here!

You might have noticed that there have been a few changes to going on this week. Lauren’s been hard at work streamlining the website to make it easier to find the info you want. She’s also fused our news page with the community blog, to create an ultra news page so you can always be up to date on what we’re up to!

We’re also working on getting more behind the scenes posts and useful map information into the website without cluttering the place up. We’re particularly interested in getting patch notes for released maps on to the site, so you know what’s getting fine tuned, as well as any exciting stuff hidden in the world that you might not even know about! Keep an eye out for those in the coming weeks!

As for our multiple ongoing projects, things are ticking along smoothly.

Codename: Cow is still in its’ terraforming phase with a lot of mountains and terrain being built up across this massive world by JakeL, Markus and e_mouse (I was told it was going to be big but wow!) While the land is being built up, Frankenstien (Tom) and Upixel (Lukas) have been hard at work making trees, machines and buildings to fill up this wonderous world once the landscape has been finished up.

The art team are knuckling down on developing and creating the entities for the world which are especially important this time around, for both the gameplay and the look of the map, so they’re working hard to get them all spot on.

Despite this intense focus on details, Codename Cow is actually setting up to be one of our more lighthearted projects, with lots of personal references and inspirations shaping it’s development as well as our usual trick of adding features that we find fun and interesting. I’ll try and get some snaps on what we’re up to a little further down the line.

While the builders are had at work on Codename: Cow DvD is patiently waiting for Avondale and Stu to complete the ending of ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen’ and move on to laying out DvD’s ingame sequencing for fight scenes and character dialogue, but once that is all laid out both maps will be ready for final tests and shipping!

Skyao is also hard at work designing DvD’s keyart to look extra awesome and finalising her secret skin pack, which we’re hoping to get shipped off for approval some time next week (Fingers crossed)

And BLOZARK.. well that’s just being BLOZARK.

That’s your lot for this week!

We’re all getting very excited now that these projects are inching closer and closer to getting released for you guys to enjoy! We’ll just have to see what next week brings.

Until then!

  • Noctis

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