How to set up Realms


Realms are a quick and easy way to set up private servers and play with up to 10 players at a time, with as many friends linked to it as you want! The server is entirely under your control, allowing you to add maps, textures and commands to play your way.

Also, being hosted by Microsoft’s servers, your Realms server remains online even if you aren’t, meaning that any of your friends can play at any time!

1. Open Minecraft and sign into your Xbox live account

This will ensure that your realms is connected to your account and you can invite your friends to join it.

2. Press play, then create new

3. Select new realm

You may have the option for a 30 day free trial on your account, click this option and continue with step 4 using the recommended features.

4. Select the type of Realm you want to create

You’ll then be faced with two options, one that creates a Realm for two players, plus the owner or 10 players plus the owner. Select the one you want to create - Cost will vary depending on the size of the tier and is shown in-game.

5. Create your Realm!

To change the size of your Realm after you’ve created it, cancel the current subscription, wait until the remaining days expire then purchases a subscription to the desired size.


Once your Realm is created you can invite any player from your Xbox friends list from the players settings menu.

You can also manage the settings for your Realm by clicking the pencil button next to the server to open the server’s settings. From there you can invite new players, set the gamemode and other world settings, manage those who already have access to the Realm and manage your subscription and any backups.