How to change your key bindings


As with most games, Minecraft’s main controls can be altered to suit the play style of the player. Depending on the device you’re using, you can alter the keyboard and mouse, controller, or touch controls so that you can play Minecraft your way.

Here’s are five easy steps that will help you to customise your control settings from any device:

1. Go to settings

On the Minecraft main menu click settings.

2. Choose the control scheme

Select the control scheme you wish to alter by clicking the corresponding tab.

3. Find the control you want to change

In this example, we’re altering the main attack and block breaking button.

4. Double click the button

Click the designated action button until the text goes yellow with 2 arrows on either side.

5. Press the new button

Press the button that you want to control the chosen action; in this example we are changing the main attack and block breaking button from ‘Left click/Mouse 1’ to ‘Mouse 5’


You have successfully changed the key binding for Minecraft! This method also covers changing buttons on controllers. You can also use the settings sliders and switches to alter controller sensitivity and settings such as inverting controls and enabling auto jump.

Touch controls cannot be altered as specifically as button-based controls, but do have sensitivity and button size sliders, as well as switches to swap action controls, such as swap jump and sneak or altering screen controls for those who play left-handed.

Default settings can be restored either by clicking the arrow button next to the specific control or by clicking the default settings button at the bottom of the page.