How to add a texture pack to your Minecraft world


Texture packs can add a whole new dimension to playing Minecraft, creating a completely different atmosphere and feel to the game.

Installing a texture pack to a Minecraft Bedrock world is nice and easy. Just follow these quick steps:

1. Open Minecraft and sign into your Xbox live account

This will give you access to any store purchased texture packs as well as allow you to buy any texture pack that’s currently available on the Minecraft Marketplace.

2. Start creating your world

Click create new then create new world to start creating your Minecraft world.

3. Edit the world settings

Once in game settings, click resource packs. Here you will see a list of unlocked and locked texture packs. You can select any of the unlocked packs on this list, which will take you to the Minecraft Marketplace

4. Select the pack you want to use

Select the pack you wish to install, then click the + button to activate the pack.

5. Create your world!


You’ve created a brand new world with your brand new texture pack!

Be aware that some maps come with different resource packs to alter the games UI and will need to be installed separately using the same method before creating the world.