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Hi Noxcrew Community!

Been a bit of a quieter week work wise this week as Avondale is off on another highflying adventure before he then heads off to MInecon Live! (I’m starting to wonder if he ever actually sleeps)

If you haven’t already seen, Avondale is going to be taking part in a panel on the 28th of September at Minecon Live! He’ll be spilling all the secrets behind creating awesome projects for the Marketplace with our friends Jigarbov, Eneija and CDFDMAN (Imagiverse) with the panel being moderated by the lovely Skywalker! (Pixel and Blocks)

You can check out all the community panels over on the Minecraft Youtube Channel after the event. If you have any questions you’d like the panel to discuss, let us know below!

In other news, we have another new member joining the Noxcrew family! I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our newest edition to the team THX aka Andrew!

A very talented pixel artist and entity creator, Andrew has a keen eye and a unique style that we think is going to blend exceptionally well with the Noxcrew aesthetic and bring real flair to our future projects. I mean check out these cool little dudes he created in his spare time! He’ll be helping the art team create awesome textures, skins and entities to fill our worlds and is already hard at work! Everyone welcome him to the team!

For this week’s ‘September Showcase’ (yes I’m just call it that now) I took a little bit of inspiration from a tweet we got this week and revisited the concrete jungle of City Living to see what exciting adventures and hidden secret jobs players can get up to when visiting Nox City.

I hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you all next week.


Nox City, the setting of our hugely popular creative toolbox map, City Living, is a sprawling metropolis, filled with so many exciting adventures and hidden mysteries for you to explore! Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Like standing in the middle of Times Square, hundreds of people rushing around you, the lights flashing above you, where do you start? 

Never fear! I’m here to give you the heads up on the hottest action and the strangest jobs in the Nox City, so you can get your bearings and find your place in this crazy concrete jungle!

PIT Bike Park

Found around the back of the observatory in Squirrel Hill, The Pit extreme bike course is the perfect place to race alone or with friends, pulling off sick jumps and tight skids to get ahead of the pack. Will you play it safe or risk plunging into the ocean below in the race for victory?

High octane racing isn’t the only thing you can get up to in The Pit. You can really stick it to the man and show them what real music is by climbing Pit’s pirate radio tower and blasting out Nox City’s newest tunes!

Soccer Pitch

While it may have seen better days, the school’s soccer pitch (or football field) is the perfect place to practice your penalty taking skills, have a kick about with your mates or host a major tournament, pitching team vs team for football glory!

With the ball actually moving when ‘kicked’ you’ve got everything you need for a perfect round of footie!

Basketball Court/Bowling alley

If soccer isn’t your sort of thing, never fear! Nox City has a huge range of sporting venues for you to enjoy including not one but two basketball courts!

With one reserved for those posh lot at the school, if you want to play elsewhere head over to the ‘Nox and Hound’ where BLOZARK watches over the kids playing in the streets. Based on our old Gameshow map Blocksetball, teams battle it out to net the ball and score the most points possible.

Or if you want to take things a bit slower, head over to Nox City’s bowling alley. Someone might have nicked the pins, but it's still a nice place to hang out with your bowling buddies, roll a few balls down the alley and enjoy a drink.


It’s not all about fast living in Nox City, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and watch the flowers grow. So if you’re looking for a more green fingered job in this concrete jungle, then the Gardener’s shed on Squirrel Hill is the place for you.

Tidy up the school soccer pitch ready for the big game, organise an overgrown garden or restore power to Nox City by fixing a windmill after a tree falls into it. So many floral fiascos!

It’s not about taming nature and pruning the shrubbery however. You can let your fauna flag fly and decorate the town with all the greenery you want or grow organic vegetables in the local allotment. Become one with nature and relax for a while.

Geocache Riddle

Out by the lake, at the top of a watch tower, you can learn about the exciting world of geo-caching!

This is where people leave riddles for others to solve, leading them to an interesting location where they have hidden a prize of some sort and there’s one hiding in Nox City! It could be fantastical treasures or a heartfelt gesture of human kindness. Who knows, you’ll just have to solve the riddle and find out!

‘Near green hills where rodents roam, the treasure lies.

Down beneath a circle of five, the treasure you will find.’

If you do solve the riddle, don’t forget to leave something lovely behind for the next person to discover.

Reporting Job

Fancy yourself a writer? Then head over to the news offices in upstate Nox City and begin a career as a hotshot journalist!

Write about all your antics throughout Nox City or just interesting stories. Tell people about that one time when you saved at pigeon from a speeding car. Or when you jumped off of a tower wearing a jetpack. Or let everyone know about that exciting new pizza shop on the high street!

When you’re done, you can post your stories for the whole city to read. Pick up a copy at any news stand throughout Nox City!

Health inspector/Garbage Cleaner

Superheroes might clean up the streets of crime and get all the glory but they don’t keep people safe from dirt and diseases! With your new governmental authority you can hold filthy restaurants and shops to task, shutting them down if they aren’t keeping up with health and safety regulations and keep the people of Nox City safe from potential food poisoning!

Want to take a more hands on approach to cleaning up the streets? Well put on a pair of rubber gloves and get litter picking. All around the city you can find green bins overflowing with garbage and graffitti staining the beautiful walls of our beloved home. With a bit of elbow grease and a trip to the local dump, you can clean up these streets in no time, no superpowers required!

Plot building

The City needs a hero and that hero could be you! A local construction company has gone out of business and left a lot of buildings half finished! Buildy has taken up the call to get them all finished up and offered your amazing skills to get the job done!

With dozens of buildings to complete from simple interior decorating jobs, getting the place ready to live in, to developing brand new skyscrapers to fill the city’s skyline, you can put your mark on this sprawling city in whichever way you like. You can follow Buildy’s instructions or go your own way. Whatever you decide, add your own creative twist to this complex concrete jungle.

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