October Roundup


Welcome back to our monthly roundup, where we talk about everything that's been happening over the last few weeks and what's to come next! The biggest thing for Noxcrew this month, so far, has been the launch our Autumn Mini-Games Festival, a gorgeous fall sequel to our Summer Mini-Games Festival map. We put the trailer up a little early over on our Patreon page, to give our patrons something to get hyped about!

For those of you that have known us for a while, you'll probably have noticed that this year we've been doing something that we've never done before and that's making themed content. As part of our first year as a business, we're focusing on creating content that people want to play, but making sure that we put our Noxcrew spin on things. This is a trend that will carry on for the time being so yes, there will be Winter/Christmas themed content, and yes, it will be awesome! More on that next month.

Speaking of themed content, last week our lucky patrons got a sneak peek of a brand new horror themed map which we're working on. It's a semi-story based map with loads of voice acting which we really think you're going to love. We've spent lots of time perfecting it and it's got some fabulous little details that any fans of our maps should appreciate. We don't have a release date for you yet but it should be out on the store before the end of the year!