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Hi Noxcrew Community!

I hope you all enjoyed Minecon last weekend, we certainly did! We’re getting so many new toys to play with! What are you most excited for? I’m looking forward to exploring the new Nether! (Kinda wish we’d had it to play with during the Nether City survival server, but hey ho, that's life!)

While I’m sure you’re as interested in all the cool updates as we are, there was one little announcement that some of you might not have seen yet.

We announced last week that Avondale would be taking part in a community panel with Jigarbov, Eneija, CDFDMAN and Skywalker at Minecon this year. If you haven’t checked it out, you can do so here, it’s a really informative look into just what goes into creating a minecraft map in Bedrock, as well as some fascinating behind the scenes stuff, including how Avondale programed the final Frost Worm battle in Monsters from the Ice! (I wasn’t even going to try and explain that sorcery!)

We also said that Avon would be sharing some secrets during the panel and he didn’t disappoint! In fact it only took him 4 minutes to spill the beans on DvD.

We can finally announce that DvD is the codename for Destructobot vs Dinosaurs, an upcoming sequel to our 2017 map Destructobot5000! Spearheaded by Arsenic is his first outing as a project manager, Destructobot Vs Dinosaur is exactly what is says on the tin, you’re in a Destructobot and you’re fighting those damn dinosaurs!

Of course, being a Noxcrew project, things are going to be a bit more dramatic than that! As the panel showed, the dinosaurs are highly animated (thanks to some beautiful work by Ruby) and that’s just the start! There’s going to be even more lovely dangerous dinosaurs to combat as well as some very exciting world animations and mechanics to show off in DvD’s story and free-roam mode! We’re hoping that these new additions vastly improve on Destructobot5000’s original gameplay design, which, in hindsight, was a little basic. (I mean it was good for the time, but when don’t we want to go bigger?)

There’s still a lot of work to be done to get Destructobots Vs Dinosaurs ready for you all but we hope that this little tease has got you all interested in what is to come!

To help out with that, we have enlisted the aid of another new Noxcrew family member! (Avon wasn’t lying when he said we were pushing 30 members now)

Joining Avondale and Stu on the Redstone Mechanics team is Miluteen! No stranger to making Marketplace content Miluteen has worked alongside the brilliant guys at GOE-Craft to develop maps such as Wonderland Rainbow, Archers Academy and (my personal favourite) Park of Horrors, just to name a few. His analytical mind is coupled with startling creativity to create some beautiful animations, like this gorgeous instantly growing tree! He’s also a dab hand at developing arenas and battle scenarios which is always helpful, especially if you’re working for a team who likes creating boss fights.

I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming Miluteen to the team and hoping that Stu doesn’t annoy him too much. Looking forward to seeing what amazing things you create!

And that’s your lot, have a great week!


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