New Gamemode on MCStrike!

The team over on the Noxcrew Factory server have just introduced a brand new game mode for 2018!

If you haven't heard of it before, the Noxcrew Factory is a Minecraft: Java Edition server that's split into two sections: the Gameshow, a collection of mini-games from our Noxcrew Gameshow series and MCStrike, a first person shooter made entirely in Minecraft! Read more about the server by clicking right here.

New to the server this year is Target Training Duels for MCStrike, a 1v1 game mode to really test your skills in the heat of combat. Think you have what it takes? Beat your opponents to earn points and the top players will appear on the podium in the lobby!

There's lots more to find out so head on over to the Noxcrew Factory forum where you can read the full announcement from Arsenic the server admin.

Ready to go? Join the fun NOX.GS! Available for Minecraft: Java Edition only.