Monsters from the Ice - Mobs and Monsters


Warning - This article contains spoilers for Monsters from the Ice. Please play the map first if you want to experience the story for yourself!

In the frozen wastelands, there are many terrible and terrifying monsters lurking in the snow and ice, all hungry and ready to attack.

This guide will help you find your friends, identify your foes and might just help you survive in this hostile world.

Sledging Dog

These cute little puppies came with you on your expedition and are here to help you get around this frozen wasteland! They’re such good boys!


Dr Sir Mrs Alan Columbus III and his lovely assistant Sasha have come to the frozen wilderness on a GDL expedition, and they need your help! They’re here to find out what happened to Dr Ivan de Gamma, Alan’s Friend/Rival, and his IDC facility after the base fell silent. They’re also looking to claim the IDC Methane labs to fuel some exciting new experiments, like an underwater base! It’ll probably never happen though…

Ice Fox

With pure white fur to better blend into the snowy landscape, these timid creatures are unlikely to hurt you, preferring to hide and watch from afar. You might not see them, but they’ll see you.


700lb of pure muscle, fur and claws, these bears do not mess around! Found wandering around the world and rooting around the town for scraps, these beasts may look cuddly, but their hugs can kill!

Ice Turtle

Lurking deep within the Excavation Wing, these vicious beasties barrel at you and give a nasty nip! But hit too hard and they’ll run away and hide in their shells, preventing further damage. Time it right, and they’ll be soup.

Cocoons & Worms

These gross cocoons are dotted all around the IDC facility spawning waves upon waves of hideous biting worms. But for what reason? And where are these cocoons coming from? All I know is that they need to be destroyed. Quickly. Preferably with fire.


These useful holes in the ground shoot water, steam and you up into the air to help you get up to those hard to reach places.

Ice Night Tiger

The king of the Excavation Wing crowned in armour of ice, this Sabertooth tiger pounces on his prey and ravages them with his sharp claws and vicious teeth.

Ice Bats

These mischievous little scamps knock players down into danger by puffing up and bursting next to them. Don’t fight them close to an edge, or you might find yourself falling a long way down.

Albino Penguins

These bothersome birds attack by throwing rocks and ganging up on you, pinning you into a corner with their sharp beaks and racking claws. Best stay out of range.

Ivan the Yeti

The ruler of the mountain ridge, Ivan de Gamma has been transformed into a terrifying were-yeti! The peaceful ruler of a yeti tribe, Ivan becomes enraged at seeing his precious mountain being invaded by his old rival and he kidnaps Alan. Attacking with help from his huge jetpack, Ivan hits hard to defend his new home.


Peaceful members under the rule of Ivan, these tribal yeti live a simple life full of history and tradition with a deep respect for their mountain home.

IDC Worm Zombies

Oh, the horror! These poor IDC scientists have been infested with those horrible worms and have become hideous zombies! Be careful. When hit, the worms inside them will burst out to find new victims so don’t get swarmed!

IDC Corrupted Robots

Not even IDC’s machinery was spared the infestation. These once peaceful, helpful companions are now murderous machinations, their bodies eager to attack while their AI remains trapped in disobedient bodies. Once put out of their misery, the offending worm will escape and look for a new host, so keep your wits about you!

Lava Beetles

Former residents of the underground lava pockets IDC transformed into a geothermal generator and spa, these beetles have returned home and have no intention of giving it up again. These bugs are so hot that the very floor beneath them starts to heat up, so make sure you don’t go up in flames!

Phase Wasp

Hideous mutations of the everyday menace, these whining wasps swarm their enemies and attack with their vicious stingers as well as appearing and disappearing with a tricky bit of camouflage.


This bad but beautiful bug has taken over the IDC’s spa facilities and has made itself right at home! Not only does this mantis have razor sharp claws and plenty of friends to fight you with, but it also turns the floor to ice, sending you plummeting down towards the lava-filled depths! Mind your step, and maybe you’ll survive!

Sentry Worms

A less corrupting but more aggressive version of their worm brothers, these sneaky little blighters hide in dark, unseen corners and fire projectiles at unsuspecting passersby. Before you realise where they are, it might already be too late.

Frost Worm

Ivan’s beloved pet Drugar, given to him as a gift by Alan, eventually grew too big to control and escaped his containment, destroying parts of IDC with his worm brethren. In their panic, the IDC scientists locked down off that part of the facility in the hopes of containing the breach and saving the rest of the lab but eventually succumbed to the worms’ corruption or the madness of the wastes. Now Drugar slumbers beneath the ice, waiting to be reawoken and begin his path of destruction once more.

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