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Hello Noxcrew community,

As I promised last week, I’m going to give you a snippet of my to-be-released behind the scenes post ‘Behind the Streets’ covering the development of City Living and giving you tips and trick on how to improve your city builds!

In this section, we discuss what effect trade and commerce, particularly production methods of various goods, has on the development of cities, and how the decisions we made concerning the type of city we wanted to create affected how we approached the city’s layout and what sort of buildings we could create.

Throughout history, the development of cities has been influenced by a particular trade or method of production that helps to make that city grow, from agricultural cities like Mesopotamia way back in 7500 bce, to the industrial cities of the 18th Century such as Manchester and Liverpool to the high tech trading centres of modern day London, Tokyo or New York. The production methods that fuels a city vastly influences the buildings with in it, as well as the layout and structure of the area as it will be organised to be the most efficient to serve that particular function.

We decided to treat Noxcity as a modern metropolitan city like London or Melbourne, mostly reliant on trade and business to fuel its economy but with areas of tourism. With its proximity to the ocean, it made sense to highlight that aspect of the trade route, making it a hub for the import and export of goods, via the shipping harbour and easy river routes through the city itself as well as create amusement centres that would take advantage of the area’s natural beauty.

This decision to base the city on modern urban environments with a recognisable American frame work also helped us figure out the general structure of the city with the tall, business based buildings at the very centre, and the rest of the city spreading out from there, becoming less fancy and more residential the further away they get from the centre, with malls, apartment blocks and restaurants filling the streets until it reaches suburban areas.This is where the area become more affluent with richer residents seeking a home away from the hussle and bussle of the city centre and closer to the sea and rolling hills, with mansions and specialised recreational facilities such as sports fields taking advantage of the open space and fresh air..

I hope you have found that very brief look into the details of City Living interesting, the full post will be released sometime in the near future so look out for it then!

See you next week!

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