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Hi Noxcrew community!

I’m back and better than ever! I hope you all enjoyed the sneak peak at ‘Behind the Streets’, the article was a lot of fun to write and I can’t wait for you all to see the full thing some time soon :)

Well what a week it’s been! You guys have been going crazy over City Living which is really humbling, we were obviously proud of the project and thought it was pretty cool, but the way you guys have reacted to it has been amazing, so thank you!

But we haven’t just been spending the week celebrating in our achievements! No sir! As one project closes, several more rise up to take its place!

DvD is storming ahead and should be ready to convert to bedrock by the beginning of next week, if not the end of this one! The monsters seem to have finally started to behave themselves and have developed some really cool weapons and attacks that should make life interesting for anyone brave enough to go up against them. Once we hit bedrock, it’ll be time to start voice acting, getting the redstone sorted and all the lovely stuff we need to do to get DvD working properly, so look out for that really soon :)

Once again we’ve hit a slight snag in ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen’ with Nox and Avon jetting off last week to sunny San Francisco for GDC, but they’re back now and things are getting ever, ever closer to completion (at least I hope so, I want to get my hands on it!)

But it’s not just the new that we’re working on. After noticing a few little mechanical issues, Destructobot5000 is back in the shop for an oil change and a tune up, getting a few gameplay updates as well as some visual changes to the big bosses. We’re running final checks as we speak and it should be back out for business once it’s cleared for release  :)

Finally, we look to the future for our next project, once DvD and ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen’ are put to bed. Proposed by Avondale, our next map an intriguing little project with the capacity to get completely out of hand if the pitch meeting was anything to go by! The team certainly have some mad ideas about this one! There’s no codename for the project just yet (we’ve only just accepted the pitch!) but it’s going to get alot of use out of the ‘add entity’ function when we finally get started!

And that’s your lot! Thank you once again for your incredible support of City Living, I just hope the next series of maps can live up to it :)

Until next week!

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