Teaser from the Ice


Hello Noxcrew Community

What an exciting week we’ve had! There’s been a lot of progress on projects and, of course, we released the teaser for a certain upcoming map! Everything’s coming up Noxcrew!

DvD is very much back on track with last week’s Java tweeks now complete and a long running entity bug finally being fixed! We had an issue with Minecraft crashing whenever certain things were spawned, but it's all resolved now. Thanks to this and some lovely voice editing by Noxite, we are closer than ever to completing this map and getting it into testing!

Speaking of things getting completed, thanks to our lovely new additions and the return of Bambii and Frankenstein to full time building work over the summer (welcome back boys) huge portions of Codename: Cow’s world is getting finished up.

The full team part of the project is also rolling along nicely, with some very cute and very obscure references being added to the mix. I wonder how many of them you’ll get…?

Regardless, at this pace we’ll be in Bedrock in no time!

Interviews have started for the mechanics and animator positions we advertised for last month, so keep an eye out for even more new arrivals in the coming weeks as we whittle down the shortlist.

Finally, the news I know you’ve all been waiting for. At last we can announce that ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen’ is in fact Monsters from the Ice! (It had a different spoilery working name hence the change in initials)

A prequel to last year’s aquatic adventure Monsters of the Deep and a continuation of the backwards trip we’re taking through the GDL timeline, it’ll be available for 1170 Minecoins (I know some of you guys were wondering) and will be released next week on the 9th of July!

We’re so excited to see what you guys think, it’s been a long time coming so we really hope you enjoy it!

I’ll see you all next time until then, have a great week!


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