Heating up and cooling down


Hi Noxcrew Community

Gosh it is hot! I hope you’re all drinking plenty of water, cause it’s nasty!

Anyway, half of the team have run off this week for a super last minute trip which has once again left Mewulf in charge of the team (We should really start calling ourselves the Wulfcrew) and given the rest of us a quieter week than usual. But work still gets done, even as we melt into the carpet.

Before he ran off on his own UK based adventure, Stu was hard at work getting our entities up to scratch in DvD and the final mechanical touches ready for when everyone’s home for testing!

Codename: Cow’s conversion to bedrock has also been slightly delayed with everyone out and about but it’s allowed the build team to really finetune the world and create some gorgeous additional environmentals like this stage! I wonder who’ll be performing there…

As well as creating beautiful builds for Codename: Cow, the team have taken advantage of the downtime and are practicing their art over in our test world.

This test world is where Noxcrew members can build at a more relaxed pace than when we work on projects and allows them the space to let their imaginations run wild and build whatever they feel inspired to create, separate from any current project.

It’s an essential part of the Noxcrew process, giving us the chance to explore different ideas and maybe even start to develop builds that inspire our next project, like these test spaceships developed by the ever talented JakeL helped to shape Spaceships and Aliens!

Our test world is also where we trail and house environment builds that can be used across projects, like different tree designs, houses for different types of streets and even buildings and skyscrapers for cities, such as some of the building in City Living. So even if we’re not working on projects, we’re still working on projects.

See? A week at a bit of a slower pace can be useful sometimes.

I’ll see you all next time where hopefully the weather has cooled off a bit!

Have a great week!


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