Invasion of the Frost Worm


Hello Noxcrew Community

Monsters from the Ice is finally out into the world for you all to enjoy!!

If you didn’t see, our Frost Worm even invaded Minecraft’s main page! I don’t think we ever dreamed something like that would happen but there he was, being all mean and cute and stuff.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch and let us know what they thought, it’s lovely to hear that people are liking it! (Always an unexpected delight!)

Keep an eye out for my Geo Descent Labs retrospective coming out later today, where I look back over the GDL timeline and see how all three maps fit together in the wider story. I really hope you guys enjoy it!

Anyway, just because one project is out doesn’t mean we get to sit back and bask in our success, there’s work to do!

Avondale and Stu had a super secret mechanics meeting in the week concerning DvD so I presume they have some nefarious plan in mind to get that finished up, which will be lovely to see. Well, so long as Landlord stops randomly breaking all the sounds!

Codename:Cow had some issues as well this week, with our java plugins causing some very peculiar world edit and water physics bugs. It ate up a bit of building time, but Mewulf was on hand to get it all straightened out.

Beyond Java’s weird quirks, I swear Codename: Cow just keeps getting prettier every time I check it out, with loads of gorgeous buildings getting completed and the landscape getting even more colourful! Shame about these 3 jokers, randomly appearing in cliffsides and messing up the place!

The art team have also been blazing ahead and most of Cow’s entities are ready for bedrock! We just have a few very special ones left to finish. Skyao’s designs for them are beautiful as always and I can’t wait until I can show them off to you guys (I’d do it now but spoilers!)

And that’s your lot. Sorry for the shorter update, with all the fanfair around getting Monsters from the Ice out, everything else has just been ticking along. Hopefully I can report some bigger updates next time!

Until then, have a great week!


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