Monster art and City Living


Hi Noxcrew community!

Nice to see that the snow has finally gone away, well at least in the UK it has.

Here at Noxcrew were still up to our eyes in ice and snow trying to get ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen’ finished and ready to test! It’s been a real ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ sort of build with new bits being added almost every hour! It’s hard to keep up and get up to date pictures!! We're not heading to bedrock just yet, the builders want to tweak a few fine details of the build before they hand the build over to Avondale and Stu for redstoning, but once we’re there, things are just going to get even crazier.

We’ve also started recording voices for the project, so things are coming together nicely and hopefully we’ll be ready to test soon!

In the meantime, I was able to sneak over to Skyao’s desk and steal some of the concept art for the beasties of ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen’ to show off to you guys (shh, she doesn't know so don’t tell her) I reckon they’re going to be a handful, so I hope you don’t ‘freeze’ when you face them (get it… cause it’s cold… alright)

Let us know what you think, which ones are nice and which ones are dangerous?

In other news, Lauren ran a poll on Instagram showing off potential keyart for our latest map codenamed ‘Some Random Name’ now revealed to be City Living, our first ever fully fledged city map! If you haven’t seen them, here are all three contenders. Let us know which one you like the best!

Finally, things are going to get a little quieter here at Noxcrew after next week. Avondale, Noxite, Lauren and Andrej are all going away for various different reasons and to different locations, leaving the rest of us behind to run the asylum. Don’t worry, there’s plenty to do and I’m sure Mewulf will keep us all in line :P

And that’s your lot! Have a great week!


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