Cats and cold!


Hello Noxcrew community!

What a chilly week its been here is the UK! One light dusting of snow and the whole country grinds to a halt! Thankfully we’ve all been bundled up warm at our desks, charging ahead with Codename ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen’ and some updates on one or two of our older maps. Let's take a look :)

A lot of work had been done this week on finalising the models and entities for Codename ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen.’ The art team, particularly Skyao, has really pulled it out of the bag and created some very unique creatures, as well as fun ideas for little details dotted around the maps, so keep an eye out for them when the map arrives.The redstoners have also been testing out some very interesting, if very creepy, battle behaviours for these creatures, some of them being monsters you’ll have to face in this exciting icy adventure, others just little friends who want to say hi!

On top of that, games master Epic_Landlord and the build team have been concepting devilish puzzles for you all to solve, just to make life that little bit more interesting. They’re all in the testing phase right now, but once everything’s pinned down and working properly, I have no doubt the build team will make them look beautiful!

We’re well on track with Codename ‘InterestinglyFreakyWomen’ despite a few bumps in the road concerning house moves, so, with a little bit of luck, we’ll be moving out of Java and into Bedrock by the end of next week :D

Something that is a bit closer to release is the ‘Cat and Panda’ update for Adventurers Dream and the UI update for Tiny Footprints! Arsenic and Skyao have been working super hard to make sure that these next updates are not only ready but match the awesome styles of both projects. With the little extra time Skyao has, thanks to Skye joining the team, she’s even been able to experiment and make new, exciting models for Adventures Dream, including turning Minecraft’s brand new pandas into the cutest little owlbears I have ever seen in my life!

For those wondering, Owlbears are vicious beasts in the world of DnD that are exceptionally dangerous to fight at lower levels but make THE most adorable, and protective, pets for your wandering ranger or party of animal loving vagabonds.

That's not to say that the cats aren’t cute either! They just love running around the citadel, bothering the villagers, sleeping on beds and spending all night on kitty cat party boats… Ok, I might have set up the party boat but let a girl dream!

Anyway, I’m going to dive back under my mountain of blankets to protect myself from the cold. Keep warm out there!

Till next time!


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