Bugs in the machine


Hey Noxcrew community!

March is over and April lies before us with lots of lovely things to be getting on with, if anything ever behaved like it should!

It’s been a bit of an annoying week with things not working as they’re supposed to and little quirks causing some minor delays, but we soldier on to get things back on schedule and ready for you to enjoy!:)

DvD is back on track after a series of issues that popped up while converting the map to bedrock, causing all sorts of weird glitches and bugs, breaking certain block rotations making a mess of all of the built team’s hard work (The joys of converting a map from Java to Bedrock) Thankfully, after a couple of scary moments, Mewulf came to the rescue, the day was saved and DvD is finally in bedrock and one step closer to reaching you guys! The team are now ready to start the fun process of redstoning, entity adding and making sure things don’t explode :)

Another thing that's been badgering DvD is the voice acting which has caused no end of conflict between Arsenic, Andrej and Noxite as they try to figure out where they want the voices to go, what accents to use, all the small details we have to consider to make sure the map has the right tone and feel throughout (nothing causes conflict in the Noxcrew quite like sound design and voice acting) Last I left the safety of cover, it sounded like they were coming to some sort of agreement so hopefully we’ll have our actors ready to go and recording sometime soon.

While it sounds like it’s been a nightmare of a week, it’s not all been doom and gloom. Marius (CrushedPixel), the newest addition to the coding team, has been experimenting with some very interesting animations and particle effects that we weren’t able to play with in Bedrock before and we’re hoping that will take our future maps to the next level or awesomeness! He’s done some incredible work, so keep your eyes out for them in maps to come!

Finally, we’ve started interviews for our new builder, so hopefully I can introduce our newest member to you all in the coming weeks. It’s going to be hard to choose just one of them, but I’m excited to see what they bring to the team! :D

And that’s your lot, hopefully this short spell of bad luck clears and I’ll have more exciting news to share with you next week!

See you then!

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