What are Minecraft status effects?


Status effects are helpful or harmful conditions that can affect players and mobs and are caused in a variety of different ways. These conditions come from drinking potions, mob attacks, or being in range of certain structures such as beacons or conduits.

Status effects last for differing amounts of time, with some lasting only a few seconds, and others up to 10 minutes. Particles to emit from the affected individual for the duration of the effect.


> Status Effects (click to reveal)

Speed - Speeds up walking speed

Slowness - Slows down walking speed

Haste - Speeds up mining and attack speed

Mining Fatigue - Slows down mining and attack speed

Instant Health - Heals entities and damages undead

Instant Damage - Damages entities and heals undead

Jump Boost - Increases jumping height and reduces fall damage

Nausea - Warps the screen

Regeneration - Restores health over time

Resistance - Reduces most damage

Fire Resistance - Give immunity to fire

Water Breathing - Prevents drowning

Invisibility - Grants invisibility

Blindness - Clouds vision and disables ability to sprint or land critical hits

Night Vision - Allows player to see in darkness

Hunger - Reduces hunger bar faster


Players can be under the effect of multiple status conditions at any time. To check which status effects you are under, look at the boxes with symbols shown on the top right of your screen. These boxes go from top to bottom, detailing the effect and which effect will run out first by flashing when they are about to expire.


> More status effects (click to reveal)

Weakness - Reduces melee damage

Poison - Damages over time but cannot kill

Wither - Damages over time and can kill

Health Boost - Increases maximum health

Absorption - Grants extra hearts which vanishes when used or when the effect ends

Saturation - Restores Hunger Bar

Glowing (Java only) - Outlines entities so they can be seen through blocks

Levitation - Floats entities upwards

Fatal Poison (Bedrock only) - Damages over time and can kill

Luck (Java/Legacy only) - Increase drop rate of rare loot items

Bad Luck (Java only) - Reduces drop rate of rare loot items

Slow Falling - Slows down fall speed and removes fall damage

Conduit Power - Can see clearer underwater and speeds up mining speed. Also prevents drowning

Dolphin’s Grace (Java only) - Speeds up swimming speed

Bad Omen (Upcoming) - Causes an Illager raid to start when walking into a village

Hero of the Village (Upcoming) - Grants discounts on trades with villagers


All status effects can be removed by drinking milk, dying, being saved from death by a Totem of Undying, or returning to the overworld through a portal from The End.

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